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  1. john bange

    SOLD off siteHarmony baritone ukulele

    $300 plus $50 frt. To lower 48 Extraordinary condition for it's age...couple of tiny scuffs Solid, straight neck with no fret wear gold Grover 18 to 1 tuners and Waverly strap buttons Crossrock soft case Nicest one I've seen Pm me for pictures...I don't know why some photos are too large...took...
  2. john bange

    Rare Vintage Deluxe Airline Baritone --SOLD

    I was told, the Airline brand was marketed by Mongomery Ward. My minty Harmony has the same 19" scale but looks pretty plain next to your Airline....obviously a grade or 2 higher. the Chicago made baritones have a deep body and a huge voice. they are very loud with DGBE tuning. I'd be on...
  3. john bange

    Graziano baritone uke w/Crossrock fiberglass case & Waverly comparison

    NO LONGER AVAILABLE Mint marks, nicks or cracks made in Santa Cruz, Ca. Excellent, low action on straight neck Red fiberglass case is excellent Waverly tuners in same holes as original Please Email me for more pics. don't know why I can't load pictures a sound comparison of the...
  4. john bange

    SOLD Kelali Baritone with walnut and spruce

    I've had 3 of Kevin's baritones...different woods. Each had a huge voice with excellent playability. All were very well built and in my opinion, undervalued...just my 2 cents
  5. john bange

    Best Baritone Under $750

    go $800 and buy the Kelali walnut/spruce baritone for sale on marketplace right now. they are loud, well built and sound great with a big, deep body and slick neck. I doubt if it will last long.
  6. john bange

    Zimnicki Baritone Cedar/Koa

    put me in line. if TerryM doesn't take it, I'll buy it back. Why did it need refinishing? j
  7. john bange

    SOLD ...Kanile'a K1ST5-19 5 string long neck super tenor w/2 case option

    sold...shipping in morning Dead mint...played once Waverly strap buttons Sold with original Kanile'a case
  8. john bange

    Classical Guitar, Tenor Guitars & Baritone Uke

    I was wrong about the choice of strings for the Circle Strings tenor guitar. They sound too sharp and shrill...totally unsuited for it. Not sure where I'll end up but since it has a flat fretboard, I replaced the radius saddle for a bone flat one and will keep experimenting. Boy, it's a...
  9. john bange

    Classical Guitar, Tenor Guitars & Baritone Uke

    I thought I'd add my 2 cents to this old thread, since I'm the new owner of the Circle Strings tenor guitar, anxious for its arrival from Blane, Wa. I will use Thomastik-Infeld wound nylon w/rope core for the B and E strings. .016&.024. For the D and G, I plan to use Daddario. .028 &.022. I...
  10. john bange

    nolonger available...Pono Bn4-1 nui baritone ukulele with TKL hard case

    $900 plus $90 frt. to lower 48 Mint condition with Waverly tuners and strap button Custom beveled and polished Holter Pickguard TKL arch top case is huge upgrade Original gold Grover tuners are included
  11. john bange

    SOLD. Favilla Baritone (1950s or 1960s)

    would you take $350?
  12. john bange

    SOLD, OFF-SITE 8 Peghead geared tuners

    removed from ukuleles...function perfectly
  13. john bange

    no longer available

    still trying to sell this beautiful ukulele
  14. john bange

    Zimnicki cedar and Koa baritone

    as a follow-up...I found this ukulele is very sensitive to string selection. The original nylgut's gave very little volume. a change to fluorocarbon fixed this with the B and E. The D and G continued to under perform to the point, I was ready to sell the uke. Sometime ago, the folks at Mya...
  15. john bange

    no longer available

    beautiful, solid cedar and koa with maple binding made in Michigan Waverly tuners and strap buttons perfect fitting Kamaka or Crossrock hard case...your choice some small marks and swirls from playing on the top is all I see...neck is straight and action is low.
  16. john bange

    Zimnicki cedar and Koa baritone

    I'll post a pic tomorrow after I install the Waverly's. I usually like Aquila strings but they were a dud on the Zumnicki