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  1. one80

    New YouTube Channel/Account

    Hi All, here is a link to my new youtube channel: I havent uploaded any uke videos but I will be doing very soon. I have a few guita& uke vids coming up very soon. I would be greatful if anyone could swing by and press the little yellow subscribe button :) check the making of moving on video...
  2. one80

    Cover Of Easy Like A Sunday Morning

    Hi Guys, Feel free to take a look at my latest youtube video. Link below: this is my cover of Easy Like a Sunday Morning By Lionel Richie. I know its played on the piano, but I just thought id share with you lot anyway :) Feel free to criticize if...
  3. one80

    New Inversion Tutorial

    Was up guys, just thought i would let you know that i have posted a new tutorail on my youtube. in this tutorial i show a few examples of inversions that you can play. check out the vid here: thanks Sam
  4. one80

    Some help need Please?

    Hi Guys, I am looking to upgrade my pickup that i currently have installed in my uke to the Mi-Si Acoustic Trio System. Here are some piictures and info about it: Basically i wanted to know...
  5. one80

    PS3 - COD WaW

    Hi Guys, i noticed that there are a few guys who have this game on XBox so i was wondering if anyone had it on PS3? If you have why dont we exchange Gamer ID's so we can play together:D Mine is wr_acid feel free to add me. And if you want to be added then just putyour ID on this thread and...
  6. one80

    LR Baggs Gigpro preamp

    Hi Guys, If you are interested i am selling my preamp on ebay. It is the Gigpro model and im selling because i need some money to go towards a new pickup for my ukulele :) heres a link to the item: thank you for having a look Sam
  7. one80

    Active = No Preamp?

    Hi Guys, my ukulele has got a Shodow passive pickup installed in it. I have purchased a L.R Baggs Gig Pro preamp to go with it. I am looking to buy a Mi-Si Acoustic Trio pickup an install that instead of the original. If i buy this new pickup will there be any point in me having/ using the...
  8. one80

    Custom Club!

    Hi Guys, i see that there are new uke clubs popping up all around ukulele underground. I thought i would start a different one. The Custom Uke Club: Click above to join the club. You can join if you own a ukulele that has been...
  9. one80

    Meet Up Vids?

    Hi Guys, has anyone managed to find/put up any vids from the most recent meetup that UU attended? Im keen to see how it went. and also are there any vids from the concert Aldrine did recently with Jake? Thanks Sam
  10. one80

    Time After Time

    Hi Guys, i am in the process of learning this song, and was wondering if anyone knows where i can get the guitar chords (which Bruce Shimabukuro plays)? I am planning on doing a gig and i would love to do the duet version of this song. Here is a link to hear the duet...
  11. one80

    Uke Got Mail Ep.10 Contest???

    HI Guys, Just wondering if anyone has heard anything about who won or anything?? Aldrine said he would've put up a voting thing ove rthe weekend but i cant find it. If anyone knows anything feel free to let me know :) thanks Sam
  12. one80

    Maybe i have a preamp problem?? Im not sure

    Hi Guys, i recently bought a LR Baggs Gigpro preamp, becuase i heard they we one of the best, and also because i have passive pickup in my uke and i needed to boost the power. Here is a link to show the preamp i bought: When i plug the...
  13. one80

    Flake - Jack Johnson

    Hi Guys, I know this isnt really a question about chords and stuff but i was wondering if anyone knew what pedal he uses in the song when he does his solo at the end if any? Here is a vid of the song, the solo is about 3:15 into the song. I know this isnt the proper vid but its the only one with...
  14. one80

    Something Cover

    Hi Guys, i know there are loads of versions of this song on youtube already, but i really enjoy playing it. Its my entry into the uke got mail competition. thanks Sam
  15. one80

    Ukulele Amp Suggestions??

    Hi Guys, i recently finished my uke build with pete howlett, and when building i installed a passive pickup in my tenor uke. I am looking to purchase a amplifier for my uke, i was wondering if anyone has any suggestions about what i should buy? Price range (£0-£200, $0-$300) I was told to look...
  16. one80

    Completed Extreme Build!

    Hi all, i just thought i would post a quick htread to let you all know (if you didnt) that i have finished my extreme build with Pete Howlett. Here is a link to see the final product in action: I will be posting a video soon of me...
  17. one80

    CMJ Picking Tutorial

    Here is the link to my first ever video, and tutorial, on youtube: its basically the picking to the begining of CMJ by Aldrine himself. Let me know what you think. And your ratings and comments are welcome. If you have any requests for the next tutorial...
  18. one80

    Jake Shimabukuro??

    Hi guys, i dont know if this fits in here or in the tab section, but i am looking for the tabs for any of Jake's songs. Ive got a basic version of 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps' but its not his version. And couldnt find any of his ohter song tabs. If anyone can point me in the right direction i...
  19. one80

    Magic - Robin Thicke?

    HI, is there anyone who can tell me the chords to this song? thanks
  20. one80

    Cardiff, Wales?

    Hi, does anyone play the Ukulele in Cardiff that would like to meet up and have a jam session? Let me know. Thanks