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  1. Sporky

    Work has begun on Sporkulele #2

    The extraordinary event that the world has been waiting for... Sporkulele #2 is in the works! I had the last exam of my degree last Friday and I jumped into lutherie immediately after. I've been eager to have another go since the minute I finished #1. But that's not all - #3 is ALSO in the...
  2. Sporky

    [SOLD]: Rebel Crème Brûlée Concert - [Canada]

    Hi fellow ukulovers, I've decided to part with this little wonder of an ukulele. With the crazy semester I've had, learning lutherie, and moving, it has essentially not been played, and I could use the money. I got it in November from HMS, with two black strap buttons. The model number is 2195...
  3. Sporky

    Moisture content of sides post-bending

    For my 2nd ukulele I'm trying to let the wood equilibrate a bit more before cutting/gluing. I'm curious though, when bending the sides I'm varying the moisture content wildly with vapor/heat - do you guys leave the bent sides to re-equilibrate for a while before assembly?
  4. Sporky

    Metal as inlay material

    Curious about people's experiences using metal for inlaying. Copper, silver, brass mainly - fairly soft, could be cut with jeweller's saw, but I have no idea about potential tarnishing issues? Would they react with certain finishes even when 'sealed'? Also, I don't know where to search to...
  5. Sporky

    One-piece vs two-piece backs and soundboards

    Given that acoustic/classical guitar tonewoods are much more readily available, (certainly in Canada), sometimes one of the options seems to be buying a large guitar set and making two ukulele out of it. Any thoughts on that? What about using one half of a guitar top/back as a one-piece for the...
  6. Sporky

    NUD: I made an ukulele!

    I've been wanting to try woodworking for a long time, and especially lutherie since I discovered ukulele a little over a year ago. Living in an apartment and having no tools was really discouraging but over the holidays I decided to just do it anyway. I got a drill, the cheapest band saw I could...
  7. Sporky

    Bending iron

    Hey all, I thought I would post on the off chance that one of you has a proper bending iron that you're not using, perhaps because you switched to heating blanket or steam or something. At the price StewMac and LMII sell them, getting one new is not a possibility right now. In the meantime I...
  8. Sporky

    Oud and percussion

    I just love this video so much, I have been going back to it periodically for like a year. I'm especially impressed by the percussionist. I need more!
  9. Sporky

    Glossary of misleading practices!

    For fun and also to rage a little. What selling practices from ukulele builders and retailers drive you mad? Here are some of mine: The angle of the headstock with slotted headstock creates higher string tension producing a better sound - (URGHHHH the tension is the same or the notes would be...
  10. Sporky

    Wood suppliers in US/Canada

    Hi all, curious to hear if you have recommendations of trusted specialty suppliers of exotic tonewoods in North America. Thank you 😊
  11. Sporky

    Nail filing convert?

    Here is a recent discovery for me that may be of interest? I always carry my tiny Victorinox Classic knife and a few years ago I stopped using nail 'clippers' altogether. I think that the tiny scissors are great for cutting nails. I've never used a proper nail file before, and when my nails get...
  12. Sporky

    [CLOSED] Romero Creations Baritone 6-string nylon

    I've changed my mind. I can't let this one go, I love it too much.
  13. Sporky

    [SOLD] KoAloha KTM-25 Silver Tenor (Factory Special)

    EDIT: SOLD to a fellow Canadian gent Hello my dear uku lovers. My situation has changed and I must gather funds for a move to grad school. What better way to assuage your UAS? This means I already have to part with this treasure. I don't feel great about it but it's for the best. Obtained...
  14. Sporky

    NUD Rebel Crème Brûlée

    Yay! Just received this beautiful tiny instrument. First time I see a Rebel in person and I'm definitely impressed. Feels like they're really going the extra mile. How nice are those golden tuners with the tulip buttons? Also that one-piece neck (seems like sapele) with the flame pattern, wow...
  15. Sporky

    Spooky tale

    Happy Halloween
  16. Sporky

    NUD Romero B6N

    The elusive Romero Baritone 6-string nylon! Acquired from a fellow UU member, WhenDogsSing. Great experience purchasing from him... truly mint condition, good communication, super safe packaging. Bonus, it made it to Canada without import fees. It is my first real 'guitar' experience and I must...
  17. Sporky

    Slimline hard cases

    I have a slimline Rebel concert on the way and wonder if anyone has recommendations for hard cases. Are you aware of smaller secure cases made specifically for thin ukulele? Preferably ABS? Thx in advance Edit: to clarify, I'm looking for a thinner case for even better portability, not just for...
  18. Sporky

    Big Red Book of Lutherie Vol. 1

    Hi luthiers, I admire this form of art that combines aesthetics and science. I have not had a chance to try my hand at crafting an instrument yet, as I live in a rented apartment where a workshop is impossible. Actually, that is one of the main reasons I'd ever live in a house somewhere away...
  19. Sporky

    Scale length & fret spacing comparisons from soprano to baritone

    [EDIT: Scroll down for comparative images of scales] Hola, earlier I made this plot relating scale length to fret spacing all the way up the fretboard, to compare the playability of different ukulele sizes. Basically it tells me that capo'ing a DGBE 20 inch baritone scale at the 5th fret...
  20. Sporky

    Magic Flea sound

    Hi all, I've perused the magic fluke company appreciation thread but I'm still not quite sure. I'd really like to get one - something very portable, resilient, well made, frankly cool design too. But I am very reticent because of the fear of plastic sound. I would like your thoughts on this. I'm...