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  1. Another Ukulele

    Forget UAS

    How do I get more POINTS! I want more, More, MORE!
  2. Another Ukulele

    Tuners and Alaska Picks

    Thanks to all for the input and suggestions. We ventured out of our Covid bubble to do some shopping and I stopped by a small local independent music store. All they had was some $7 piece of junk and a SNARK. So I bought a Snark. Previous one lasted 6 years, Meh. I fingerpick melodies and...
  3. Another Ukulele

    Best clip on tuner recommendations

    My Super Snark suffered catastrophic plastic fatigue this evening. The clip shattered into pieces
  4. Another Ukulele

    Six String Tenor

    I poked my head into a small music store a few days ago. Never been in it and thought I’d check it out. Saw a cutaway Tenor. Can’t remember the brand. Gave it a strum and SURPRISE! It was a small, Tenor size guitar. And I though, I could restring this as a low G/ high G Tenor. But what about the...
  5. Another Ukulele


    I often read discussions about the need for humidifiers. I live in California. Summer heat will often hit the 90
  6. Another Ukulele

    Key of D minor

    I have always enjoyed the Key of C using gCEA tuning. Easy to play and easy to finger pick tunes. The key of A, I find, is great for playing 12 bar blues Now I’m leaning towards D minor. There are three songs I’ve learned in that key that I roll from one to the the next Black Magic Woman...
  7. Another Ukulele


    On advice from here, I ordered a mini amp through Sweetwater. It was back ordered. I was told it should arrive within 2 weeks, one week from today It arrived there yesterday at noon, and I began tracking it. Today, 24 hours later, it was in Indianapolis main post office. It is: In transit...
  8. Another Ukulele

    Danelectro Honeytone N-10 mini amp

    After 8 or ten years (more?), My faithful Honeytone is dying. Cycles LOUD soft LOUD soft - and it is not the battery I have a weight limitation, so lugging this, my Uke, iPad Songbook and music stand, is about all I can carry. And the Honeytone clips to my belt - hands free strolling minstrel...
  9. Another Ukulele

    Anybody know this song

    40 or 50 years ago, out here in California, Jim Lange had a morning radio program on KSFO. Every Friday his opening song was Thank God It’s Friday At about 100 BPM, a nice, slow, bluesy tune ************** I’ve got the weekend off Thank God it’s Friday I’ve made a list of things to do Wine...
  10. Another Ukulele

    How to post Chord Sheets

    I see how to imbed URL and Video and photos. I don’t see how to attach a PDF. I thought I found a way, but was told there was a size limit of 18k, or 185k. I’m missing something, more than a few fried brain cells Thanks
  11. Another Ukulele


    I’ve stated before I play free style 12 bar blues with a group of Harp and Guitar players. I played clarinet(s) for nine years , piano for 8 or nine years and saxaphones for 4 years. Hence, I tend NOT to sing when I Uke. But I think I terms of ‘keyboard’ progression. Different from hopping...
  12. Another Ukulele

    Ukulele Picks

    I’m off to Berkeley this Saturday to attend Peter Luongo’s Seminar. He always has a segment or song that utilizes a pick. I prefer using my fingers and their tips or the back of my inter/nail. Unfortunately, I just can’t keep my nails strong enough to grow them out. Using a pick always feels...
  13. Another Ukulele

    Strap buttons

    I spent a decade in R&D, so I’m always thinking ‘outside the box’ I’ve installed a strap button on in my Kala Acoustic/ Electric, but I wonder if anyone makes a strap button that plugs into the pickup for when I’m NOT playing Electric. Perhaps I’m just too California ‘New Age’, but to me, a...
  14. Another Ukulele

    Wedding Songs

    Now, I readily admit that I have a completely warped sense of humor. And I have been thinking of creating a montage of songs to play at a wedding reception, should I ever be asked to do so. Songs like the Beatles YESTERDAY With lyrics that I can sing to the newlyweds “Yesterday, all my...
  15. Another Ukulele

    Saving the planet

    I live in California where we recycle EVERYTHING. Recently, there has been a Flame War on my neighborhood site regarding the environment, gasoline guzzling RV’s, red meat eaters, ‘plastic micro-beads’.... I just changed the 3 year-old nylon strings on my Kala Tenor to Worth Brown BT’s. (And...
  16. Another Ukulele

    Another Baritone Question or2

    Most of my ukuleles are tenors. I’ve been noodling around thinking that my next one would be: Acoustic/electric cutaway with an upper sound hole (to hear in group playing) and a radiused neck. I also considered buying a mandolin and twinking and moving strings around to make it play CGEA But...
  17. Another Ukulele

    Ukulele Stores to browse through

    As I find my self traveling through a new town, I look for a Music Store that might carry ukuleles. Most often, either they don’t or their selection is limited — although sometimes ‘eclectic’ is a better description. Here are the ones I’ve come across in North California: The Strum Shop...
  18. Another Ukulele

    Improvisation and playing up the neck

    There are 5 or six groups I play with. Some meet weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or some where in between. Most of the times, while there may be a teaching/learning segments or portions, everyone simply slams on the strings. However, I found a group (shameless promotion- Blues Jam at Berkeley...
  19. Another Ukulele


    As I slowly start to venture more deeply into involvement in this site.. I wonder what I need to do to have my profile photo attach to my postings? Also, I know that it requires 100 posts to become Senior I believe it requires 50 to lose Junior If so, is it permissible to simply create dozens...
  20. Another Ukulele

    Warm Strings

    I listened to a player and their ukulele produced a very warm sound. They told me they were using Worth Brown strings on their tenor. While they preferred a brighter sound, I want the deeper, warmest sound possible for my Spruce top Kala Tenor. Are there any recommendations, other than Worth...