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  1. Lacole

    Ukulele day!

    Yeah! Today is ukulele day. Gotta pick up a ukulele and play, play, play. Maybe a good day to learn a new piece.
  2. Lacole

    Lee-valley books.

    I just downloaded the most recent book catalog for Lee-Valley and discovered they have two ukulele books listed. If you are interested they are:
  3. Lacole

    Headstock surprise

    I took my soprano out to play and was surprised to discover that part of the decal on the headstock was missing. The part that was missing was right where I would attach my clip-on tuner. Indications are that the other part of the decal may be as easy to lose. I have no idea when the decal...
  4. Lacole

    How to String a Collings

    Thanks , always looking for this information. Here is a small wrinkle to this information. Before I bought this instrument, someone made an alternation to this headstock. I had the friction pegs replaced with geared tuners. Note C string is not strung correctly, wrong side of screw.
  5. Lacole

    Headstock Shapes

    There is the pineapple shape.
  6. Lacole

    Ukulele Porn (post your uke pics here...)

    This is my new ukulele shown with all her case mates. I was delighted to receive her this morning.
  7. Lacole

    Calendar has no events for Ukulele day

    I tried to create an event on the calendar for World play youmukulele day on May 02, but the calendar would not for events after 2014. Would also be nice to post an event for play your ukulele day on February 02.
  8. Lacole

    Ukulele play day

    It was a busy day for me on February 2nd. Watching the news I discovered it was suppose to be Play your ukulele day. I didn’t get to touch any of my ukuleles... I googled Ukulele play day and discovered May 2nd is also Play your ukulele day. Great! Do we have a calendar or event feature on...
  9. Lacole

    Disney medley by Honoka and Azita?

    Just heard this today, and decide to share. Awakened me to what one can do with an ukulele
  10. Lacole

    Question re fret ends.

    I am not sure if this is the correct forum, but... my newest ukulele which was a delight to play when I first got it, is now developing increasingly sharp fret ends. Is there any other cure besides having the ends dressed? I have had this uke for several months, however it is becoming drier...
  11. Lacole

    Chord Tab Difference

    this is a screen print of a fretboard. gCEA. c tuning following D tuning and G tuning.
  12. Lacole

    Guitar pro 1.8.2

    I wanted an app to create tablature on my new iPad 9.7, so I read through past post regarding apps and purchased guitar pro 1.8.2 for my iPad. iPad version of guitar pro 7. I wanted an app that would create treble clef and tablature for ukulele. The addition of chords would also be nice. The...
  13. Lacole


    I discovered this forum when I was doing research on my oldest ukulele, a Northern UK20. Haven't found much. I browsed the forum for several months checking out strings, turnings and other ukulele. The Northern was not staying in tune so I had a Local music shop replace the friction pegs with...