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  1. Kenn2018

    Private Conversations/Messaging

    Is there no way to have a private conversation with another member? I have tried to have one with sellers in the marketplace and with members on topics, and the next thing I know it shows up in a side window with many other topics and posters.
  2. Kenn2018

    Helping Lil' Rev - UPDATE

    [Hopefully, I haven't violated any of the UU Forum rules by posting this. It is uke related.] This email came today from Tony Anthonisen, Twin Cities Ukulele Club. I thought I'd pass it along: "I just received this from the Uke Community Pals, Marcy Marxer, Ben Hassenger and I are part of...
  3. Kenn2018

    Smithsonian Article about "The Tree"

    Saw this article online and thought it was appropriate even though it never mentions ukuleles. Smithsonian Magazine Article about “The Tree” Interesting background story and how it came to be salvaged...
  4. Kenn2018

    What happened to all of the wood hard cases?

    I was looking for a couple of good quality tenor wood hard cases. The supplies seem to be pretty sparse right now. Did it become too costly to make them? In materials or finding skilled builders? Even O'ahu case company's selection and availability has dwindled on the HMS website. It's been...
  5. Kenn2018

    Custom Neck Advantages

    Several people on this forum have mentioned that they have hand issues. Whether from injury or arthritis, it can greatly affect our pleasure playing our ukes. Aaron Oya made this video for Ukulele Friend six years ago. While a custom uke may be beyond the means for most of us. If the...
  6. Kenn2018

    "The Tree" and "Lucky Strike"

    Kerneltime's NUD post about his new Hive Hornet reminded me about the original Luthiers For A Cause project in 2017. Six well-known luthiers use "The Tree” Mahogany and “Lucky Strike” Redwood to showcase the voice of the luthier in the building of six custom instruments using nearly identical...
  7. Kenn2018

    New Pono Master Series Tenors

    Received an email from HMS with some of the new ukuleles they've gotten in. They were heavily touting the New Master Series of Ponos. Of which, the big thing is a Lattice bracing on the tops. I have to admit, the Spruce/Rosewood really had a punch to it. Strung with Ko'olau Fluorocarbon strings...
  8. Kenn2018

    Where Can I Find Uke Ensemble Music?

    Hey All, I'm looking for Ukulele Ensemble Music that about 16 players can use to perform. In particular I'm looking for Folk, Folk Rock, Bluegrass, Country, Pop that is broken down into TABS for 3 ukes and a base parts. Or any combination in TABS. Really anything I can present to the group for...
  9. Kenn2018

    New Tax Rules for 2022 Affects Use of PayPal and Other Cash Apps

    New Tax Rules for PayPal, Venmo and Other Cash Apps I first heard about this on PBS. If you use PayPal Goods & Services, you will have to report all income over $600 for business transactions. IE: Any money that you received using the Goods & Services option. I have never made money on a uke I...
  10. Kenn2018

    If You Had it to Do All Over Again, What Would be Your Starter Uke? And Why?

    I was thinking about this as I was answering Kriden's question about what uke to get. What would I buy if I was just starting out? So, what would you buy NEW if you had a set budget? What would you get for that very first learner ukulele? And why? If your budget (USD) was: • Up to $150 • Up...
  11. Kenn2018

    Tone Woods In Depth

    Alex from the Southern Ukulele Store in the UK has his own blog called, "Ukes With Alex." He did one segment in May called "Ukulele Tone Woods In Depth." It's worth a listen. I don't agree with some of his observations, but overall it's pretty good. I'm curious about what you all think?
  12. Kenn2018

    Iluak Fine Instrument Fittings

    Anybody know if Iluak is still in business? I Have installed their strap buttons on several of my tenors. Because I like the hidden screw on them. Great people. They even made a pair for me to better match the Koa Binding and Abalone inlay on one of my tenors. I sent them a picture of the...
  13. Kenn2018

    Rick Turner Interview - Guitar, Mandolin & Ukulele Luthier. And Much More...

    I'm posting this in several areas ignore it if you've already seen it. I’m sure most of you that frequent this part of the Forum are already familiar with Luthier Rick Turner. You may have read the article I link below. I recently became interested in Rick Turner of Compass Rose Ukuleles. He...
  14. Kenn2018

    Rick Turner Interview - Guitar, Mandolin & Ukulele Luthier. Pickup Designer, and Much More...

    I recently became interested in Rick Turner of Compass Rose Ukuleles. He is more than a luthier of Ukuleles. A lot more. Guitarist; Guitar, Mandolin & Uke Luthier; Writer; Inventor; Soundman/Roadie; Part of the Nascent Hard Rock Scene; Pickup Designer; Consultant to Guitar Mfgs; Business...
  15. Kenn2018

    Any Way to Print or Save a Thread?

    We used to be able to save or print an entire thread. In the "Thread Tools." Now, I don't see any way to print or save anything. I can use Firefox's "Save As" or "Print" but the results haven't been very good. Except copy and paste into a different format. Or do a screen shot. Am I missing...
  16. Kenn2018

    Kamaka Cases

    I found a place selling Kamaka Ukulele Cases. They are the standard cases that Kamaka has for their instruments. I had been looking for a good quality, wooden covered hard case for two of my instruments when I stumbled across the Kamaka C3 case for one of my tenor ukes. They are available in...
  17. Kenn2018

    Bold Face the Log out

    Bold face the Log out under our user name. And maybe a red color if possible? Log out To make it easy to find when we want to leave the Forum.
  18. Kenn2018

    Used Kamaka Tenor - Should the fretboard be Flat?

    I'm looking at a used 2014 Special Order Kamaka Tenor. The ebony fretboard has a concave bow in it. Is this correct?
  19. Kenn2018

    Formula 1 Racing

    George Russell has put the Williams P2 on the grid in Spa, Belgium in the rain!!!!! Outstanding lap. Hopefully, Lando Norris is OK after his shunt in Q3. It should have been stopped before he went out.
  20. Kenn2018

    No Way to Edit or Delete a Comment or Reply

    Really need to be able to edit or delete comments and replies.