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    bRiGht S0UNd.

    WhEN i AM StRUMMiNG, MY UkE S0UNdS S0 bRiGht ANd i WANt it t0 S0UNd M0RE WARMER. i jUSt ChANGEd MY StRiNGS t0 d AddARi0S bECAUSE AlDRiNE SUGGEStEd d AddARI0 StRiNGS f0R WARMER S0UNd. i hAVE A tEN0R kAlA UkE ANd MY C0USiN hAS 0NE t00 bUt hiS UkE hAS A REAllY WARM S0UNd ANd hE hAS AQUilA...
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    l0NG NAiLS?

    iS it G00d OR bAd t0 PlAY WIth l0NG NAilS? WhiCH iS it EASEiR t0 PlAY With? WhAt d0 Y0U PREfER ANd WhY? i kN0W thAt AldRiNE kEEPS hiS NAilS PREttY l0NG bECAUSE i l00kEd At hiS NAilS 0N tHE"iF i AiNt G0t Y0U" UkE lESS0N, ANd hE USES hiS NAilS REAllY G00d. AlS0, i liKE thE M0RE BRiGhtER S0UNd 0F...