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  1. Kem

    Uke in HIMYM

    In case anyone is interested, there's a rather prominent ukulele in this Monday's episode of How I Met Your Mother, "How Your Mother Met Me." Its role is largely symbolic, but the Mother character plays it (not very well) at one point. Despite her problematic strumming skills, she comes out...
  2. Kem

    They Are in Love (original song)

    I posted this one a few days ago. I may just have a bit of a problem with the fact that these days, no story seems to be without a love plot. I appreciate a good love story as much as the next person, but there are actually other kinds of stories, and not all of them need angsty nuzzling...
  3. Kem

    Original Song: I've Got Too Many Clones

    I posted a couple of songs last night. Here's one of them. The title probably more or less tells you what it's about.
  4. Kem

    Fake Geek Guy (original)

    This one may bear a bit of explaining. There's been a bit of controversy in the geek community about the idea of the "fake geek" in general (the person accused of jumping on the geek bandwagon because it's currently trendy to be geeky), but there has been a particularly vicious focus on the...
  5. Kem

    I Actually Have an Album, But I Forget to Tell People

    ...Yeah. So I've had an album out for a few months now. If you're interested, here's the link. I would embed it here, but that doesn't actually seem to be possible. It's free to listen to, so hurrah. And yes, it really is called Beowulf Pulled My Arm Off. Basic rundown: I write geeky...
  6. Kem

    "The Prophecy Hotline" (original song)

    I am feeling silly today. Have an original song:
  7. Kem

    Other hobbies/passions

    I play a number of other instruments, including the accordion, piano, tin whistle, and mandolin. I'm also a cartoonist, and I write fiction. My comics can be found here. Here's a 2010 series featuring the ukulele: Those are still tiny, so here's the first in the series on the...
  8. Kem

    Everybody Hates Elves (original song)

    Here's a bit of silliness--kazoo solo included--I posted yesterday: I tried to include the ukulele in the frame this time. I record videos in a very constricted space, so this was the best I could do.
  9. Kem

    New banjo uke day

    And here is the fourth picture that I was not, for some inexplicable reason, allowed to attach to the original post.
  10. Kem

    New banjo uke day

    I have just taken delivery of WaverlyStreet ukulele #208, a concert banjo uke with an Orange Osage neck, zebrawood fingerboard, and molded plastic pot. It both looks and sounds quite lovely; I'm happy with it thus far. The fingerboard is especially striking, and while it may make some people a...
  11. Kem

    My Love Songs Are Different

    In acknowledgement of Valentine's Day, here's an original song I posted online recently: Yes, it is a teeny bit parodic, so please don't attempt to reach through your computer monitor and strangle me. I do play real bluegrass with my band; it's one of my favourite musical genres.
  12. Kem

    "Chosen One" and new YouTube channel

    Hi, everyone. I haven't posted in this folder before today, mostly because of fear. It is also fear that kept me from putting my stuff on YouTube before last week. However, I have quite a few original songs because I do actually perform in public regularly, so I have finally bowed to peer...
  13. Kem

    Little Boxes (on cigar-box ukes)

    I just came across this hauntingly beautiful version of "Little Boxes," of all songs, and thought you guys might be interested. This is what cigar-box ukuleles are for.
  14. Kem

    Newbie or Oldbie?

    This thread is a supplement to the "average age" one. I've often wondered how many people on this site self-identify as "veteran" uke players and how many see themselves as "new" uke players. So...were you playing the uke long before the relatively recent meteoric rise of the uke? Did you...
  15. Kem

    New (Used) Uke Weekend: Hello, Tiny Boat Paddle

    It has not been a good weekend, as I lost my voice completely on Friday and have found myself having to communicate mostly via mime ever since. However, Friday was also the day Canada Post attempted to bring me my Boat Paddle, which I had picked up from the Marketplace. As I was out when it...
  16. Kem

    Jonathan Coulton Ukes It Up

    Ukulele Alert: Jonathan Coulton's new "Still Alive" music video features JoCo himself playing a Makala. ("Still Alive," for those who don't know, is the song that plays over the credits of the video game Portal. Coulton is known for his very, very geeky songs, which have been known to deal...
  17. Kem

    How Many Fingers?

    Okay...the two-finger thread has got me curious. (I don't mean to poach from that thread; in fact, I would like to avoid steering it off course.) If you pick, how do you pick? How many fingers do you use, and in what configuration? Do you have one rigid method, or do you experiment? Are you...
  18. Kem

    Getting to Know You: New Uke Adjustment Period

    I have had this with almost every new ukulele I have ever encountered. Is it just me, or do others share this little piece of weirdness? It goes something like this: 1) I buy a uke, either from a store or online. If it's from a store, I probably haven't played it for long; I get flustered...
  19. Kem

    Help: Looking for Toronto Repair Shop that is Not Completely Unreasonable

    So my little soprano has lost its bridge, and I would quite like to get it fixed without having to ship it across the border to the maker, inconveniencing both of us and costing a silly amount of money for shipping. I have called The Twelfth Fret, which is the logical place to go here for...
  20. Kem

    "The Toronto Song" in, er, Toronto

    Purely for fun: here's me playing "The Toronto Song" by Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie. My bit starts at about 9:30 of the video; the previous nine minutes and thirty seconds are devoted to a reading by an author of horror fiction (this all happened at an event put on by a group of Canadian...