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  1. robinboyd

    NUD - Kelly Stillfield Silver Wattle and King Billy Pine Boat Paddle

    I posted a video in the review section and I thought I'd post it here as well so more people would see it.
  2. robinboyd

    Kelly Stillfield ukulele

    I recently got a new uke and I did a quick video review.
  3. robinboyd

    Humidity causing fret buzz?

    Hi guys. I'm a bit mystified, but one of my ukes has developed EXTREME fret buzz at the first 5 frets. The only factor I can think of is that its a misty, rainy day today. I ran a straight edge along the frets and none of them seem to be poking out. My hygrometer tells me that the internal...
  4. robinboyd

    saz-syrnai (traditional Kazakh instrument)

    My wife has this thing where she collects wind instruments or whistles from places she has been. She spent some time in Kazakhstan about a decade ago and came back with what looks like an ocarina but is in fact a "saz-syrnai," which is a traditional Kazakh instrument. Does anyone have any...
  5. robinboyd

    Time Signatures

    Hi Everyone. I've been trying to learn Jenny of Oldstones for my guitarlele and I paid to get a tab from a guy who did an awesome youtube video for guitar. In the tab, he uses 6/8 for the beginning and end but 4/4 for the middle. That just seems odd to me because when I count along with the...
  6. robinboyd

    Weird resonance

    Hi guys. This isn't really a problem, but it's an observation about my guitarlele and I was wondering how common it is. When I play a high A (open A string or 5th fret on the E string) the sound seems to go on forever. After a bit of fiddling, I figured out that it's because it causes the wound...
  7. robinboyd


    So I got this awesome guitar tab that I thought I'd try for my guitarlele and I just couldn't get it to sound right. It sounded good in places but the bottom string always sounded way out of tune. Then I saw the magic letters at the top of the page DADGBE... Oh well, a few turns of the tuning...
  8. robinboyd

    Low G goes sharp up the fretboard

    Hi guys. I think I already know the answer to my question, but I wouldn't mind sharing my ideas with you. I currently have 2 ukes strung with a low G, and I tend to only use one of them to strum with. Anyway, I just noticed that that particular uke goes very sharp on the G string when I play...
  9. robinboyd

    NGD: Bruce Wei Koa Guitalele

    Hi Everyone, I've been talking about my new guitalele for the last few days, so it's probably about time I posted photos, etc. I was thinking about doing a short video review, but because I'm not really sure about how to play it yet, I decided I'd just take a few pictures and do a short...
  10. robinboyd

    Tips on playing guitalele

    Hi guys. I've just received a new (well, second-hand) guitalele in the mail, and I have no idea how to play it. I'm really enjoying messing around with it and adding extra notes to uke chords played on the top 4 strings, though. I've noticed that the strings are closer together than on a uke...
  11. robinboyd

    I thought I was over my UAS!

    But it turns out I wasn't. I just bought a guitalele. I figured I'd see how I liked playing with 6 strings. If it doesn't suit me, then I can always flip it on the marketplace without losing too much money because I bought it second hand anyway. Now I just need to be patient until it arrives.
  12. robinboyd

    Westworld Theme Help

    Hi Guys, I'd really love to be able to play the Westworld theme fingerstyle and I've found this tab, but I can't make out the Westworld them in what I'm playing at all. Is the tab dodgy or is it my playing? If it's me, how should I approach this? If it's the tab, do you have anything better for...
  13. robinboyd

    Doug Frink Contact Details

    Does anyone have a way of getting in touch with Doug Frink? His messages are full. Thanks
  14. robinboyd

    First Real Experience with Worn Out Strings

    Until now, I've always changed strings before they really got worn out because I've wanted to try new things. However, I really liked Aquila Reds on my Mele, so I left them on there for as long as possible. Then the other day I suddenly noticed that they were quiet and dull. I think I finally...
  15. robinboyd

    Pohaku Hawaiian Art Deco Tenor

    I just saw this ukulele had been finished and I want to cry because it may just be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Check it out!
  16. robinboyd

    Ohana CK-15BWE Exotic Black/White Ebony Concert Ukulele

    Hi guys. I just came across the "Ohana CK-15BWE Exotic Black/White Ebony Concert Ukulele." I'm not looking to buy one, but the look of it intrigued me and I wasn't able to find out much information about it. Is anyone familiar with it? Is it solid or laminate? How does the ebony sound?
  17. robinboyd

    NUD: Emil Bader (S&J Crafts) Milo Concert Pineapple

    Please excuse my very amateur write up of this uke. I am by no means an expert. I’ve added a short video as well, so you can see my very inexpert playing along with the fluffed bit in the middle. In order to give you an understanding of where this uke came from, I need to give you a little...
  18. robinboyd

    String Recommendations

    Alright, I've been slowly working my way through strings, and I'll write my thoughts below. I'm just wondering what to try next. One thing that interests me is the Aquila Carbon Black. Otherwise, I might try some different fluorocarbons. Maybe Worth? Living water? Oasis? Also, I'd appreciate...
  19. robinboyd

    Sympathetic Buzz

    Hi guys. I've also posted this in the uke talk section, but this might be a more appropriate place to put it. I just got a new uke, and in general I love it (pics etc. coming soon in another post), but it does this weird rattly thing when I play a G, either on the open G string or on the third...
  20. robinboyd

    Weird resonance when playing G

    Hi guys. I just got a new uke, and in general I love it (pics etc. coming soon in another post), but it does this weird rattly thing when I play a G, either on the open G string or on the third fret of the E string. It doesn't seem to do it when I play the same note on the C string. Any idea...