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  1. PereBourik

    Geared tuners for Flea

    Has anyone tried Graphtec tuners on a Flea? I'm tired of of the stock friction friction tuners. $30 for a set seems pretty reasonable. The base of the tuner looks like it might be wider than the Flea headstock. That's the one dimension I don't find on their webpage. If you don't like the...
  2. PereBourik

    Play Music on the Porch Day

    It’s international. It’s on Facebook. It’s today. Who else is in?
  3. PereBourik

    String Choices & Familiarity

    Any of you gone back & forth on string choices? When I started playing 6 years ago I developed a strong preference for flourocarbon strings, first Martin M600, then branching out to Worth, Oasis, and Living Water. I tried Aquila and a few choices in nylon strings, including the D'Addario...
  4. PereBourik

    NUD - Beau Hannam Tenor - Redwood and Koa - Camino Inlay

    This is a wonderful instrument. The build quality and design are at the highest level. I am impressed with the tone. Each string rings true. The intonation is spot on. Working with the builder, Beau Hannam was very interactive and cooperative. He brings a high level of artistic imagination to...
  5. PereBourik


    I often lose focus on a piece while playing it. Then, when I play it again to smoothe out the prior mistakes it just gets worse. How have you learned to get focused and stay focused while playing?
  6. PereBourik

    What's your player?

    I have six pretty good ukes to play at home. None of them is easier to grab than any of the others. Yet when I can't make up my mind which to play I always grab the Imua concert. I don't know why, but it's my player. Which uku do you grab most often?
  7. PereBourik

    PhD Strings How long to settle?

    I've just put on my first set of PhD Strings. How long do they take to settle? Low G concert.
  8. PereBourik

    Blackbird Clara Group

    Are there enough of us Clara players out here to start a group?
  9. PereBourik

    String differences

    I have a very "bright" uke. I want to "warm up" the sound a little. It is presently strung with Oasis strings. Will Fremont Black Line strings (also fluorocarbon) be noticeable warmer or should I go straight to nylon strings? Discuss.
  10. PereBourik

    What strings are on your Clara?

    Let's talk strings... Mine came strung with Oasis and a wound low G. When I had a demo of Clara at Blackbird in SF it was strung low G and it blew me away. It was the only uke I'd ever played that made low G tuning sound good to me. I've swapped the low G for an Oasis high G. Much more to my...
  11. PereBourik

    Dropped my #1 player

    I just dropped my Imua concert 'uke (stupid arthritis). Dinged the joint between the top and sides of the lower bout at about the halfway point between the bridge and the bottom. There does not seem to be any damage that affects the sound. The chips are each about 1/2 inch long and right at the...
  12. PereBourik

    Tuner swap

    Can anyone tell me if the tuners on my Imua iC concert can be swapped for Gotoh UPT tuners? Cosmetic issue; I don't like the "ears."
  13. PereBourik

    Stroboclip Sweetened Tuning - Snake oil or real benefit?

    Can anybody explain how the Sweetening changes the tuning from standard? Can you really hear a difference? The instructions cite "string deflection offsets." What is this? New to the Stroboclip, but I've been using tuners from the start of my playing. So, comparing Stroboclip to Snark, et al...
  14. PereBourik

    Music Stand

    Looking for a decent portable music stand to take to jams and 'ukulele group meetings. Recommendations?
  15. PereBourik

    Moody "Ukulele?

    I've just been running through my songs on my three "players." I've noticed changes in their sounds as the weeks progress. Some of this is the opening up of the instruments; none of my 'ukes is a year old yet. in the last two weeks the pineapple has gone from brassy to balanced. The sapele...
  16. PereBourik

    When string changes go bad...

    I have just changed the strings on my KoAlana concert. My very sweet uke has gone dull. The new strings are a different brand than the stock strings. They feel thicker and tighter than the stock strings. The result is that the sound has gone from balanced, bright, and loud to a quieter mumble. I...
  17. PereBourik

    Learning to Fingerpick

    There are two schools of thought... 1) Start with simple tabs and play until you get the hang of it. 2) Do fingerpicking exercises and ignore tabs. Who is right? What resources should I use for each method? Thank you
  18. PereBourik

    Radiused Fretboard

    Can anyone tell me what the advantage is of a radiused fretboard?
  19. PereBourik

    Kala Pearl Strings

    Does anyone have experience with these strings? Coming up on a string change on my tenor. These are in the rotation. I'm wondering how these will go after a set of Worth Browns.
  20. PereBourik

    It Hurts

    Hi. I need some advice about lightening up my fretting. When I have trouble getting a clean chord I often try to over-pressure the chord, straining my wrist and the base of my thumb. (I have some residual pain there from cycling and arthritis, so don't blame the uke.) When I come up against...