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    Nice article on The Magic Fluke Company!,525576 Scooter
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    Li'l Rev's family could use our help.

    Li'l Rev's wife is facing a difficult and costly diagnosis, and their family could use some help. These are some of the kindest souls in the Ukulele world, and we can make a real difference in their battle. Thanks, Scooter
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    Uke New Jersey 3! August 28-30, 2015 in Morristown, NJ

    On August 28, 29 & 30 we will return to the Mansion in Morristown, NJ for Uke New Jersey Too! We start on Friday night with a concert, followed by workshops, open mics, vendors, jams, camaraderie all day Saturday and finish up with another concert on Saturday night, with a free Sunday Jam In...
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    Uke New Jersey Too! made the evening news.

    I'm pretty happy about this. Our little festival, Uke New Jersey Too! made the news on the local PBS station! We had an enormous amount of fun... Scooter
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    Uke New Jersey Too! August 29, 30 2014 in Morristown, NJ

    Hey there Ukesters, We had so much fun last year at Uke New Jersey!, that we've decided to do it again! On Friday August 29 and Saturday August 30 we will return to the Mansion in Morristown, NJ for Uke New Jersey Too! Following the same basic format as last year, we'll start on Friday night...
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    Li'l Rev in New Jersey! Concert and workshops, Feb. 28 & March 1.

    Live at The Minstrel Acoustic Concert Series Li'l Rev will be playing at The Minstrel on Friday February 28 for the absurdly low door price of $8 in Morristown, NJ. This is the same venue location as last summer's Uke New Jersey! event. Doors open at 7:15, show starts at 8:00pm. 21 Normandy...
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    Uke New Jersey

    Ok, now that I've signed and sent the contract (and the deposit) I can share this. On August 30 & 31, Labor Day weekend, The Folk Project will be hosting a small Ukulele Festival in Morristown, NJ. We'll start out on Friday night with a screening of Mighty Uke followed by some Q&A and a...
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    Big three "K-brand" makers to collaborate!

    Hawaian Times: The three major Hawaian Ukulele makers have just announced that they will collaborate on a limited edition run of very special instruments. Kamaka, Kanilea and Koaloha have joined forces to create some of the most remarkable instruments ever conceived. Limited to just 300...
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    Commerative Martin 1T IZ to be unveiled at NAMM.

    A signature Uke is a first for Martin. From Martin's website: -MARTIN 1T IZ COMMEMORATIVE CUSTOM ARTIST TENOR UKELELE: Beloved in life, Hawaiian musician Israel Kamakawiwo'ole has become even more so since his death in 1997 at the too-young age of 38. His beautiful voice and elegant...
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    Happy Birthday Joeybug!!!!!

    Just found out that today is Joeybug's birthday so I figured we needed an official Happy Birthday thread to wish her a happy day! Happy Birthday Joey!!!!!! Scooter
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    NUDE!!!! (New Uke Day Excitement)

    NUDE photos! (New Uke Day Excitement) My 50th birthday present arrived today! (Some guys get a sports car for their mid-life crisis, I got a ukulele.) It's a Tie Dye concert Flea with Rosewood fretboard, Maple neck, Grip Strips and Lucy's multi-colored tuners! This puppy is cooler than the...
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    50th birthday present.

    So... I turned 50 the other day and between my wife and my mom, I have some do-re-mi and spousal encouragement to get a new uke! I've been hankering for a concert Flea for some time now. I'm thinking tie-dye with a Rosewood fretboard but could also go with Mahogany or Walnut. Scooter
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    Better hurry! Only 30 minutes or so left. Scooter
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    21 days...

    ... till Pitchers and Catchers report to Spring Training. (I'm just sayin'.) Scooter
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    Interesting, a new Martin S1K (possibly a prototype).

    Someone posted this in the Four-String Farmhouse over at The Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum. Scooter
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    Two new ukes from Martin!

    Martin unveiled two new ukes today at NAMM. The C1K concert sized, all Koa at $629 list (around $380 street). And the T1K tenor sized, all Koa at $649 list (around $390 street)...
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    Has anybody tried one of these?

    Folding ukulele: Scooter
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    Looky what I got! Scooter
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    Aloha from NJ!

    Hi gang, A new Ukeholic from northern NJ here! I've been playing guitar and singing for well over a decade now and recently started taking an interest in the Ukulele. I got my hands on a pretty decent soprano uke and am learning chords and strums slowly but surely. For anyone in the...