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  1. john bange

    2020 Kanile'a K1st5-19 super tenor 5 string 19" scale

    No longer for sale
  2. john bange

    MP baritone

    just spent a day with my new MP baritone ukulele by Mike Pereira. It is walnut and spruce, though the top looks more like cedar to me. It will knock your socks off with it's volume and tone...big lows and top end sparkle. It is keeping company with some other excellent baritones and gives...
  3. john bange

    Oceana sinker redwood/mahogany baritone

    I watched this change homes a couple of times over the last 2 years and when it came available again, I jumped. I wondered why it hadn't found a permanent home. Well, it has now! This is as loud a baritone as I've played. The voice is a clear sparkle, typical of mahogany. The finish is top...
  4. john bange

    Kamaka tenor ukulele case

    no longer available...shipping error in the ad.
  5. john bange

    Waverly ukulele pegs with black knobs

    mint condition...sold installed and removed same day nickel all screws and bushings included
  6. john bange

    Kelali spruce and mahogany baritone w/case

    $450 plus free condition fully bound body...really nice, clean woodworking and huge sound...1 7/16 nut width make this year in Santa Rosa, Ca. sale to finance something else I think I can't live without...priced to sell comes with a Kanile'a case which is a $150 value by itself...
  7. john bange

    Kinnard, Palo Escrito rosewood with a German Black Forest spruce baritone

    closing in on a year with my Kinnard baritone. While it sounded great when I first got it, it has opened up even more now and nothing I've ever played can touch it. even thru the pandemic, it gets played daily...outside when weather allowed, under an open sided patio with heaters during the cold...
  8. john bange

    trade????Pono MND 30 octave mandolin/8 string tenor guitar for baritone or 19" scale

    trade????Pono MND 30 octave mandolin/8 string tenor guitar for baritone or 19" scale for sale as well...$1500 plus $75 frt. Pono is mint. 2 months old. $2100 new includes original case custom bevelled and polished pickguard by Chattanooga luthier...tuned dDgGBBEE right now
  9. john bange

    WTB Pono BN-20 or 30 nui baritone

    I'd consider a BN-10 as well
  10. john bange

    Kelali mahogany baritone

    Kevin's ukuleles just get better and better. #168 arrived yesterday and it is impressive. Clear crisp tones with the usual bright trebles that mahogany can produce. The fully bound body is beautiful and very cleanly done...fret work is as good as it gets. They are great value for the money.
  11. john bange

    Kanile'a soft

    $60 plus $20 frt. easily, the nicest gig bag/soft case I have ever seen. fits a baritone or a Kanile'a super tenor original equipment with a Kanile'a never used...uke came in it and I put it in closet shoulder straps included
  12. john bange

    review Kanile'a super tenor/baritone

    in answer to a question maybe never asked, I am thrilled with my Kanile'a K1st5-19, tuned dDGBE. It is nice and loud with great top and bottom along with some "twang" from the hi and low D course. it is strung with D'Addario wounds and Oasis clear fluorocarbon. String tension feels and plays...
  13. john bange

    Kelali baritone ukulele w/ case

    SOLD... built in Santa Rosa, Ca. of solid Walnut and cedar I added Waverly tuners and strap buttons...original Grover pegs are in case with the arrival of my Kinnard baritone to keep my Kamaka company, it is clear that this beautiful and loud ukulele will not get played. an excellent Fremont...
  14. john bange

    Pono BN-30d w/hsc

    no longer available
  15. john bange

    Gold slot head tuners for a pono nui baritone

    Removed from a Pono new condition with screws...$38 shipped to conus
  16. john bange

    Mya Moe baritone ukulele

    Sold, off site
  17. john bange

    Kanile'a K1C concert ukulele w/ case

    Sold, off site
  18. john bange

    5 string round body mandola/baritone ukulele with hsc

    $450 plus $50 freight hybrid crossover instrument tuned DgGBE with a 21" scale wound silk and wound nylon strings give a loud voice with remarkable sustain for its size---11 1/2" body diameter TKL hard case is excellent top has a crack which has been cleated in 2 locations and the back is split...