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  1. uke4ia

    Season 520: 10th Anniversary Dance Party Extravaganza!

    I'm posting this a little early because we're having a blizzard that is expected to give us 2 feet (60 cm) of snow by evening. Later today, I may be busy snowblowing, or exhausted from snowblowing, or my Internet may go out because of high winds. SEASON 520 — 10th Anniversary Dance Party...
  2. uke4ia

    Season 468 - Hi, You Don't Know Me Yet But...

    SEASON 468 -- Hi, You Don’t Know Me Yet But… This is a theme that JTSteam brought up at the Seasonistas open mic a couple of weeks ago. I thought he was going to use it for Season 467, but since he didn’t, I’m going to use it because we all thought it was right in my wheelhouse. It has...
  3. uke4ia

    Season 437 - Ain't No Mountain High Enough

    SEASON 437 — Ain’t No Mountain High Enough I’ve had this on my list of possible Seasons themes since the Seasons were in the double digits. And I’ve been putting it off for years. But now, the Seasons have gone on for so long that I think it’s almost negligent that we’ve never done this...
  4. uke4ia

    Say goodbye to my little friend - on the passing of Eisley Rabbit

    He never strummed a chord or sang a note, but he was a part of the Seasons of the Ukulele from the very first week. A consummate actor, at times he portrayed a vampire, a shark, a dog, a cowboy, and a spy. Eisley Rabbit passed away this morning. He was 13 years old, which is very old for a...
  5. uke4ia

    Season 414: Coin of the Realm

    SEASON 414 — Coin of the Realm (It’s Money Songs That I Want) I had to look up to see if we’d done this one before. Turns out we had – Season 114, with Ginny hosting. But that’s a full 300 Seasons ago, so we’re gonna do it again. This week’s theme is money. It can be a song whose title...
  6. uke4ia

    Cuckoo Cocoon (Genesis cover)

    This is a song from Genesis' "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" concept album.
  7. uke4ia

    Season 394 - The Electric Version

    SEASON 394 — The Electric Version A few years ago, I learned I could run my uke through my synthesizer to get sounds like you would get with an electric guitar. It’s a huge amount of fun. Most kids with guitars get to have this fun at 15. I had it in my mid-50s. Maybe I’m still...
  8. uke4ia

    Shine On You Crazy Diamond

    Shortened from the original song's 26 minute length.
  9. uke4ia

    Season 363 - Into the Void

    SEASON 363 — Into the Void GEORGE: Yeah. I think we really got something here. JERRY: What do we got? GEORGE: An idea. JERRY: What idea? GEORGE: An idea for the Season. JERRY: I still don't know what the idea is. GEORGE: It's about nothing. JERRY: Right. GEORGE...
  10. uke4ia

    10538 Overture (Electric Light Orchestra cover)

    I've been wanting to learn this one for years, and it fit this week's Seasons of the Ukulele theme, so I figured I'd give it a try. Last time I'd looked on the Ultimate Guitar Tab site, I hadn't like the set of chords they had, so I bought the downloadable sheet music off Musicnotes, figuring...
  11. uke4ia

    Season 352 - Honesty & Lies

    SEASON 352 — Honesty & Lies Another election season has just ended in the U.S. In a totally 100 percent unrelated matter, the Season 352 theme is songs about honesty, lies, and truth. I think I had passed on this theme last winter in favor of the kisses theme. Somehow it came to mind...
  12. uke4ia

    Roundabout (Yes)

    Last week's Seasons of the Ukulele theme was the three songs you play the most. I was going to do this one, because I've been playing it for 40 years now with varying degrees of success. Over that time, I've played it as much as any other song. But for some reason I'd never done a video of it...
  13. uke4ia

    Everybody Wants To Be Famous (Superorganism)

    The chords to the original are Bb Gm F. But that wasn't a good key for me to sing in, so I'm playing E C#m B. See you over at Mars!
  14. uke4ia

    Flying Dutchman (Jethro Tull cover)

    This is one of my favorite Jethro Tull songs.
  15. uke4ia

    Season 311 - Kisses

    SEASON 311 — Kisses I was on the treadmill yesterday, listening to some Tom Tom Club, and it occurred to me that I couldn’t remember us ever doing a Season for songs about kisses. So that’s the theme for this week. This week I want to hear 1) Songs with some variation of the word kiss in...
  16. uke4ia

    Aja (Steely Dan)

    Up on the hill, they think I'm okay. Or so they say. :rolleyes:
  17. uke4ia

    Ukulele Guide to Massachusetts

    In Massachusetts, there is no unincorporated territory. All of Massachusetts is part of one of the 351 cities or towns. Noah Wisch put together a song in which he recorded one note of the lead line in each of the 351 municipalities. Actually, maybe he recorded two feet outside the town in...
  18. uke4ia

    Shut Eye (Stealing Sheep)

    You should've got a better bed, better for your head...
  19. uke4ia

    See My Vest (Mr. Burns)

    This was a parody of Beauty and the Beast's "Be Our Guest" that Mr. Burns sang in a Simpsons episode. My daughter has a Disney songbook that has "Be Our Guest" in it, and it really helped with figuring out the chords.
  20. uke4ia

    Squonk (Genesis)

    I've been playing the uke for over 40 years, and one of my favorite things has always been trying to see how much '70s progressive rock I could learn to play on the uke. I've been able to play this for a while, but avoided the song because it's impossible to sing in the original register. I...