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  1. Brian1

    What is the origin of Crazy G ?

    This thread will likely be short lived, but I didn't really know where else to ask. "Crazy G" is a well known uke tune, but I don't know where it is from or even who wrote it. There are dozens of tutorials and covers on the web but I can't find so much as a credit or a wikipedia page or...
  2. Brian1

    Vinyl Fret Markers

    I bought a new ukulele a few weeks ago and I like it but it has one problem. The frets are not marked on the fret board they are only marked on the side and the dots are VERY small and dark. And It is hard to see them particularly in low light. Does anyone know of a good source for...
  3. Brian1

    New Chinese Ukes ?

    It has been a while since I took a look at that Chinese version of Amazon (ali-express) so I went over and took a gander to see what might be in the cards coming up for sale. They had some interesting ukes I have never seen before maybe they are only new to me. The "Uku" brand had...
  4. Brian1

    How do YOU determine the price for a used ukulele ?

    I have waited a little while before I posted this question. The reason being, there are often people selling items here but, after a while I realized that there will always be items for sale here. And if you currently have items for sale you may not like me very much, or depending on the...
  5. Brian1

    Super Simple Gilligans Island Tab / Tux Guitar

    I am trying to learn a couple of things at once here, I am trying to learn to play melody and learn how to create tabs in TUX guitar (free music program) My ability is not that advanced in either. (as you can probably tell from the picture). You will notice that the 2nd and 4th measures are...
  6. Brian1

    Mystery Uke - Does anyone know what this is ?

    Hi, This came from a thrift store somebody got it and gave it to me. Does anyone know what it is ? It has no label or markings other than in the picture says Aloha Hawaii with a crest. Cleaned up it could look kinda nice.
  7. Brian1

    What strings should I get for my Brand New CUSTOM Hawaiian...

    I hear that Santa is going to be good to me this year and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me out on what strings I should get for my brand new custom Hawaiian print shoes!
  8. Brian1

    Why book match ?

    I am not a builder, probably never will be, I can barely use a screwdriver, (not that one would be needed to build a ukulele) but I really find it interesting to learn how things are made and why things are made the way that they are. One of the things that puzzles me is why when building a...