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  1. electrauke

    Reno Uke Fest UU Meetup.

    We did one last year and was wondering if anyone wanted to do one again. I am sure we could meet at some time before or after classes start in one of the rooms.
  2. electrauke

    Taiwanese Ukuleles

    I have family that is currently traveling in Taiwan and was wondering if anybody knows and good Taiwanese ukulele brands, if any, that might be cheaper there. For some reason it sticks in my mind that there are some pretty good ukes that are made there. Thanks!
  3. electrauke

    Happy Birthday Rayan

    Happy Birthday to you! Thanks for all the awesome staff things you do!
  4. electrauke


    I remember seeing them on a NAMM video. What ever happened to them? :confused: Does anyone here on UU own one?
  5. electrauke

    Merry Christmas UUers!

    I know there are around 5 other posts saying the same old "Merry Christmas" on the forum, but I thought I would make another one. Hope you all have a wonderful time and make sure to play the uke!
  6. electrauke

    How to Find Instrumental Tabs

    Hi UUers, I am somewhat frustrated. Here is my dilemma: I love playing instrumentals on the ukulele, it is my favorite thing to play. Now, I see all these great players on the YouTube playing really cool instrumentals of songs I like and would want to play. The problem is that I can never find...
  7. electrauke

    Who's going to the Reno Uke Fest?

    I already got my tickets and was wondering if any UUers are going this year?
  8. electrauke

    Season 97 of the Ukulele- Lost in Mexico

    Hello everyone, and welcome to the 97th Season of the Ukulele! I am really exited to be hosting another Season and hope you all enjoy it! As I write this, I am South of the border in Mexico, where I will be spending Christmas with my Mom's side of the family. So let's get to it: THEME: Songs...
  9. electrauke

    Happy Thanksgiving UUers!

    What is everyone doing on this fine day?
  10. electrauke

    String help!

    Hey guys, I recently picked up my Low-G uke and just got sick of it (no offence low-G lovers) so I finally just decided to take it off. I left all the strings (which are Aquilas) except the Low-G and took the High-G from another Aquila set and restrung the one string. What I am trying to get at...
  11. electrauke

    I can finally be called Electrauke

    NUD, but this time it is different, it is my first electric ukulele! As my now I can officially be called 'Electrauke' here are some pics: It is a Mahalo Surfboard edition ukulele. All solid body. I picked it up today on my visit to Elderly here in Lansing, MI.
  12. electrauke

    600th POST!

    I hope that me posting a celebratory thread every time I get another 100 is not getting annoying, but I just got to 600!
  13. electrauke

    UUers in Lake Tahoe Area

    Am up in Lake Tahoe, CA and was wondering if there are any UUers in the area. Let me know. ELECTRAUKE!
  14. electrauke

    UUers in Lake Tahoe Area

    Coming up to Lake Tahoe and was wondering if there were any UUers in the area. Let me know.
  15. electrauke

    1/2 1000 ( Sounds Bigger then 500)

    500th Post!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. electrauke

    GET OFF dh3mdxxbtcok

    Get off , stop spamming this perfectly good forum.
  17. electrauke

    STAD day!

    Figured I should start a thread like this. STAD stands for Spread The Aloha Day. Post one of these when you get another person to play Uke. My STAD is getting my cousin to buy a Uke at the Reno Uke Fest.
  18. electrauke

    How to make videos legal

    Hi guys, I have been confused lately. I want to make my YouTube videos legal. I have seen some UUers put references to US copyright law. Does that do he trick? Or are the videos legal as long as you do not monetize them? Thanks
  19. electrauke

    Is Aldrine coming to the Reno Uke Fest?

    I was wondering if Aldrine is coming to the Reno Ukulele Festival. I saw his picture on the website and on the it schedule says there is a Ukulele Underground get together. Does anybody know? I hope he is coming. ANDRE :)
  20. electrauke

    Do not panic!

    For all of you who saw this video post by youtube: It is an April fools Day joke, Youtube will not shut down. I know I was panicked when I first watched. Your AWESOME ukulele videos will not be taken down, thank God.