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  1. Ziret

    Looking for Enya Feather

    This is an odd ask for me, but I saw one of those and would like to try it. I like the thin body and the electronics and I think it looks great. Could trade. Thanks!
  2. Ziret

    Fluke end pin? Anyone try this?

    Has anyone tried putting an end pin about here? It seems like it would work, and if I find a slightly shorter screw, it would just miss the fretboard.
  3. Ziret

    Recommend a music/laptop stand?

    I’d like to use my MacBook Air, along with ForScore, for my chord sheets, tabs, etc. and I’d like to bring it to group sessions rather than, or possibly in addition to, my iPad. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good stand that would hold the laptop and possibly my iPad—not necessarily at...
  4. Ziret

    Practice amp?

    Sure, there are probably a few old threads about this, but it seems like this is an area that changes fairly frequently. I’m not interested in busking or performing, but I have a uke with a pickup I’d like to play around with. What would be a good practice amp for about $100 or less? There are...
  5. Ziret

    Hyperlinks not working?

    At least on my iPad, hyperlinks are just plain text, so I have to copy and paste into a browser window. Will that be fixed, or am I missing something?
  6. Ziret

    William H. Macy is one of us

    And he had UAS just as bad. I wonder if he is one of our Bills. If not, he’s an honorary member. Sorry, this went to the wrong area, and I cannot move it.
  7. Ziret

    R&L handmade in Hawaii, solid koa soprano

    I bought this from a forum member who didn't disclose all--and I didn't ask, so there you go. Anyway, the good parts are it's solid koa, even the fretboard, and it's handmade in Hawaii in the 90's I think. It sounds sweet, it's pretty, and it plays easily. It has no cracks or repairs. The bad...
  8. Ziret

    50 states ukulele collection idea

    I was gazing with some pride at my ukulele collection last night--down to five, thank goodness--and mulling over their origin stories, thinking about where they were made and by whom when I realized of the five, three are from different states, and three from different countries. And then I came...
  9. Ziret

    Kiwaya KTC-2 solid mahogany concert uke

    I've had this for a few years, and played it a lot, but it's still in very good condition aside from some glossing of the neck and a tiny mark on the headstock, all of which I tried to show in the photos. This uke has that classic concert sparkle, and sounds best tuned reentrant. It has a...
  10. Ziret

    Godin Multiuke-Koa

    Godin Multiuke-solid Koa top A friend asked me to sell this for her. When I opened it, I wished I was interested in playing amplified. It's gorgeous, with a solid koa top. She bought it in a burst of enthusiasm after attending a concert where someone played one and then discovered it was set up...
  11. Ziret

    Tenor tuned bari question: strings

    Go ahead and jump in with all your string suggestions, I'm very interested! But my main question is: If I have a tenor currently strung low G, and move everything over one position, so that the current G String is now in the G place ala DGBE, then put the C string in the B string place, the E...
  12. Ziret

    Hricane thinline tenor evaluation (currently $72 at Amazon)

    I bought this last week for $80 and thought it was a good deal. Today it's still $80, but there's a 20 percent off coupon you can use, which brings it down to $72. Kind of makes me wish I needed two. Chris/Choirguy/UkeStuff reviewed this well on YouTube against the nearly identical Kala and I...
  13. Ziret

    Kala Elite 2KOA-TG with Kala Transit case

    Made in August, 2018. In like-new condition, and gorgeous. It always gets the looks. And it sounds great, too. My idea has always been to have (at least) one reentrant and (at least) one low G uke, and I got this for low G. But I also got a Kala Elite 1KOA-CG and I find I prefer to play the...
  14. Ziret

    Lava U vs. Populele

    What do you think? Are they the same?
  15. Ziret

    Trade: Gold Tone Little Gem banjouke for Outdoor either size

    I have a Little Gem I bought a few weeks ago and find myself not crazy about. I'm going to sell it anyway, but thought I'd check and see if anyone is interested in a low-risk trade and the chance to try something different. I'll post photos later, but it's in basically new condition.
  16. Ziret

    Romero Creations Grand Concert--Pepe Romero Signature Model 2019

    I had this listed earlier and would still like to sell it, so I've dropped the price. In like-new condition. I bought it from Elderly in June and have played it for less than three hours. It's set up by Elderly--very well. Pepe Romero wanted to make a concert that sounded like a tenor, and...
  17. Ziret

    battery problems

    My plan was to take the dog for a walk around the lake. I practiced the uke for a while, set the tuner on an end table, put the uke away, and couldn't find my keys. After wasting a bunch of time not finding them, I decided to use the spare set. Went to the garage, and what should I find near the...
  18. Ziret

    Three concert ukuleles

    I have never done an NUD, but I thought these comparison photos might be interesting. The largest body, on the left, is the Romero concert, or as Tomthebaptist described his, a grand concert. I've had it a couple of months. Solid mahogany. The medium sized body, in the middle, is a Kala Elite...
  19. Ziret

    aNueNue Khaya Solid Mahogany Soprano with Oahu HSC

    I absolutely love this uke; it sounds fantastic, it plays great, and it has simple good looks. It holds its own against some very good sopranos I've had. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings by naming which ones, but you can ask me. And the case is in like-new condition, as well. But I've...
  20. Ziret

    John Prine!

    John Prine is doing maybe his last tour--his new album is great, one or two of those songs will make you cry--and I'm going to see him. To celebrate in advance, I'm working on as many John Prine songs as I can find. So if you have something special, or something rare, or anything at all, really...