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  1. Brian1

    The Zombie Ukulele

    I love IT! did you paint it ? I did this to one of mine last year.
  2. Brian1

    What is the origin of Crazy G ?

    This thread will likely be short lived, but I didn't really know where else to ask. "Crazy G" is a well known uke tune, but I don't know where it is from or even who wrote it. There are dozens of tutorials and covers on the web but I can't find so much as a credit or a wikipedia page or...
  3. Brian1

    Vinyl Fret Markers

    I bought a new ukulele a few weeks ago and I like it but it has one problem. The frets are not marked on the fret board they are only marked on the side and the dots are VERY small and dark. And It is hard to see them particularly in low light. Does anyone know of a good source for...
  4. Brian1

    Stagg US10 Soprano

    Sorry people I was out of this thread but came back because I was asked a question: On Amazon that doesn't mean that ukulele is sold more than any other but doesn't mean it isn't either. I could split hairs and say it is Amazon UK not US but From now on because you went all in on the comment...
  5. Brian1

    Stagg US10 Soprano

    As for the point above, yes I will admit I was having a little bit of fun at the expense of your minor hypocrisy. (Saying don't buy from Amazon like I did. I didn't find it side splitingly funny but thought it was a light enough poke to not offend anyone. FTR I do not think this discredits you...
  6. Brian1

    New Chinese Ukes ?

    It has been a while since I took a look at that Chinese version of Amazon (ali-express) so I went over and took a gander to see what might be in the cards coming up for sale. They had some interesting ukes I have never seen before maybe they are only new to me. The "Uku" brand had...
  7. Brian1

    Ukulele Painting Help

    I have been looking into this while the site was down I noticed their is a marketed ukulele that is designed to be painted or decorated with paint with no sanding or even magic markers: (Kahala w/ Matte White markable surface) It is a little hard to tell from the poor descriptions most have...
  8. Brian1

    10 things I think you should know :)

    I am also curious as to if it is only the exact copying of another's work or the copying of the concept ? The concept of a dragon on a fretboard I don't think is new, Chuck certainly defined it and made it his own (and I am not implying otherwise) ie: when he added the head of the dragon going...
  9. Brian1

    10 things I think you should know :)

    Okay I knew I was probably giving a bad example with Martin. But that doesn't invalidate the point. If there is a tradition of copying cut out shapes implies that copying the work of someone else is tradition. I am not sure I would consider this to be a copy. It could be an inspiration, but...
  10. Brian1

    How do YOU determine the price for a used ukulele ?

    Hi Bill1- The theory behind using an insurance table is to get the appraisal of the ukulele from an outside source that judges more than just ukuleles and musical instruments to determine the value. THeir business is finding out how much things are worth. But if anything the insurance would put...
  11. Brian1

    How do YOU determine the price for a used ukulele ?

    I have waited a little while before I posted this question. The reason being, there are often people selling items here but, after a while I realized that there will always be items for sale here. And if you currently have items for sale you may not like me very much, or depending on the...
  12. Brian1

    Help identify this uke

    Don't dulcimers usually have metal strings, the fret board across the body, and a different type of fret system ? I think I saw a video made by the owner of Martin Guitar about a month ago where the guy that invented the strum-stick / picken-stick invented/originated it out of spare parts...
  13. Brian1

    Koa Works

    Where did you say Stan lives again ?
  14. Brian1

    Batman Theme - Ukulele

    Very cool ! I've been playing with that song on the uke too, I saw the words Batman theme Ukulele and was thinking it would be a Batman themed ukulele I have been working on a Joker themed ukulele I had to change to a schoenhut body style though here is a rough idea of what it WAS going to...
  15. Brian1

    Kamaka Jake Shimabukuro Database

    why did this statement make me laugh so hard ? The idea of a gang of burglers going after ukuleles is pretty funny too for some reason.
  16. Brian1

    Ukulele -- by Acoustic Guitar magazine How to receive a digital copy?

    Didn't see that offer on their subscribe page, but they did say this It might be worth calling the number and asking or sending an e-mail.
  17. Brian1

    How to buy Mike Lynch Single Music Sheet

    Okay, then go to the website click donate and tell him what you want. Here is a picture^ of how you can do that
  18. Brian1

    Super Simple Gilligans Island Tab / Tux Guitar

    Thanks for the input, I don't know how I missed your post yesterday. I will take a look at LilyPond when I get a little more comfortable with TG the output might be ugly but the penguin is adorable ! :)
  19. Brian1

    Super Simple Gilligans Island Tab / Tux Guitar

    Thanks camsuke. THis is an excersize for myself. I hadn't seen that on ukulelehunt I will take a look at it over there but I want to try to learn how to do this first. In this case I want to learn how to take chords and add some melody, and learn how to use Tux Guitar. :) The theory being I...
  20. Brian1

    Super Simple Gilligans Island Tab / Tux Guitar

    Learning to play, notate, and use a new computer program all at the same time is little frustrating, this must be what it feels like for a one armed man to tie his shoes. He knows what to do but everything is a lot more difficult... Anyway I had a little more time to work on this and thought I...