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  1. UkingViking

    Season 547 - The Baggage Carousel

    I know that I have done this one before, but that was on my old channel... Since then I got a new ukulele, new recording gear, and a head. So here revisit to a song in which the narrator is "hovering by his suitcase". :) By the way, I this will probably be my last video for august, I am...
  2. UkingViking

    Help with shockmount

    I was thinking about doing something like that. Or look for some polymer "pipe" that will fit in between, and can be squeezed by the screw yo hold things in place safely. I was also courious as to how this kind of shock mount is supposed to work. Anyone who has one with a screw like this?
  3. UkingViking

    Recording your own voice - what apps are you guys using?

    Depends on the purpose. I have an advanced multitrack app, Audio Evolution, but I dont use it any more. If I want to use my recordings, I record on my PC with external microphone etc. For simple self evaluation, to hear if I am ready to find the heavy gear or not, a simple dictaphone app with...
  4. UkingViking

    Help with shockmount

    Hi forum, I recently bought a 2. hand mic and shockmount. The mic is a sE2200 a II, and I believe that this is not an sE shockmount. Apparently the seller has misplaced some bits and pieces for a reflexion filter I also got in the deal, not sure if something is missing here as well. It has a...
  5. UkingViking

    Season 546...can we revisit Season 54?

    I hadn't really decided on any song, when half way through the week this shows up on my streaming playlist in a "Little Willies" rendition. I had never heard it before, but it was impossible not to do a version for this theme!
  6. UkingViking

    Inflation Q, rethinking high end…

    Work always makes me cringe as well... Or maybe the word 😆 I get your drift. But I was litterally referring to musicians who are paid to perform. My thought was that after some threshold, only gear freaks, in this case ukulele afficionados, will care which ukulele they are playing.
  7. UkingViking

    Inflation Q, rethinking high end…

    High and moves up with: - Inflation - how expensive ukuleles you allready own (you always want more) - the more you read om this forum It makes little sense to set a objektive scale. When someone makes a $ 100.000 ukulele with diamond fretmarkers, even the 5k ukuleles seem low end in...
  8. UkingViking

    Travel or beater instruments

    Some pros for using an Enya Nova when travelling are the shallow body and the tights fitting case/shell it comes with. The shell does not give much protection, but it keeps strings and tuners from getting tangled up with your other belongings if you stuff it in your suitcase. Which is possible...
  9. UkingViking

    What technique should i learn: clawhammer, fingerpicking / fingerstyle, or just stick to my thumb?

    I will say that you should learn the techniques you feel like playing, not what some people in a forum says is most important. Is is supposed to be fun. Clawhammer is pretty difficult, and only really applies well to a certain genre/sound. Unless you want to play that, no need to struggle with...
  10. UkingViking

    Playability . Easy Playing , Easy Strumming Ukuleles ?

    Interesting to hear Magic Fluke mentioned here. For me, playability has to do with a confortable neck profile, stringspacing, action, det type etc. Magic Fluke has a neck profile that takes a lot of getting used too. They sound great, and you can get used to it, I love my Fluke. But the...
  11. UkingViking

    Who hasn't bought a uke in ....

    I believe I have not bought any instruments in the last year. The last I bought was a plastic travel uke I bought before last summer vacation, that must be a year ago. I should get a badge or something! But then... I did buy an audio interface... And a microphone... And get a mic stand...
  12. UkingViking

    Using a thumb pic

    Sorry for detail... I sometimes get wrong associations when "pick" is spelled differently. To me, "pic" is short for picture, and since the are pictures called thumbnails of "thumb" for short, I imagined it was about those. Still, it was more unfortunate when I looked at the webpage of the...
  13. UkingViking

    Thomann as a Seller

    Thanks for pointing my attention to UkeSupply! I never heard of it, though I live in the EU. Seems like they have both nice ukes and nice accessories. I once bought a dud of a cheap Luna uke from Thomann. Kind of kept me from buying ukes there since, though I guess their higher end ukes should...
  14. UkingViking

    Upgrade for a beginner and some questions

    I figured it was tricky like that! Since I live in Denmark, in the EU, I would have to put myself through a lot of customs and shipping hassle for a few tester sets of strings. I am courious, but not courious enough to go through that. I usually like to order strings and other accessories in the...
  15. UkingViking

    Upgrade for a beginner and some questions

    I would suggest the UkeCrazy cases, from the ones I have tried, but the others suggestions in the thread looks nice as well. For strings Worth are my go to's. I usually go for the Browns, but the clears are good too. That being said, my string suppliers dont sell Oasis or Living Water, which I...
  16. UkingViking

    Radiuses fretboards on production ukes?

    Not a Soprano player, except long neck ones, but I really like the radiused fretboards. I am the happy owner og both an aNueNue AMM 3, a Cocobolo concert ukulele, and a MyaMoe super soprano. I had the AMM 3 for a while before I realized that it was radiused. I prefer the more pronounced radius...
  17. UkingViking

    To strap or not to strap

    I used to perch my concert ukulele on my legs before I got straps for most of them. It will work, but having a strap is superior to my liking. Also, it allows you to stand And even when sitting it raises the uke so you can hold a better posture, which will give better projection for your vocals...
  18. UkingViking

    SOTU 544 -- Tell the Tale!

    I have gotten a few copyright claims - where someone claims the song and want to put in adds and take the money. No problem. But I have not copyright strikes yet - where they ask YouTube to take down the video because they wont have it. YouTube doesnt like having to take videos down under threat...
  19. UkingViking

    SOTU 544 -- Tell the Tale!

    Oh, be careful covering the Eagles! They dont like it, and they might give you a copyright strike or something. I believe that is one of few songs that you risk trouble covering.
  20. UkingViking

    SOTU 543: That Building is Brill!

    Here is one written by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil. Previously recorded by Elvis Presley and B.J Thomas.