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  1. UkePhilly

    WTB: Small uke (sopranino, bambino, pocket uke etc)

    I'm looking to buy a small format uke: all the usual online retailers look to be out of stock. Would prefer to spend less than $150 but may be willing to stretch depending on the model/condition. Thanks!
  2. UkePhilly

    Craving Pineapple!

    Hello all, I'm really craving a nice juicy pineapple and I need your help in making my decision. I've mostly narrowed it down to the following (but I'm happy to hear any other suggestions): Kamaka HP-1 CLASSIC!! Available now (if you look hard enough)...
  3. UkePhilly

    Philly area instructors/lessons?

    Hello all, I've been playing for about a year or so and have made some decent progress using books and videos. But I'm now in a bit of a rut and would like to take my Uke playing to the next level. I'd like to take some in-person lessons in the local Philly area (Center City or Main Line area...
  4. UkePhilly

    WTB: Fluke or Concert Flea

    Hello all! I'm looking to buy a Fluke or concert size Flea Uke. I'm pretty flexible with colors. Thanks!
  5. UkePhilly

    Fellow KoAloha Owners

    Any idea where to get a saddle that will fit a KoAloha Concert? Can I use a generic Uke saddle (Graph Tech Uke Saddle) or do I have to order directly from KoAloha?. The configuration just looks different from the saddle on my Concert: I'd like to play around with adjusting the saddle...
  6. UkePhilly

    My new KoAloha Concert is on its way!

    FINALLY! Those 24 hours felt like eternity - but my KoAloha is finally free! Now I just have to practice enough to do this beautiful Uke some justice...
  7. UkePhilly

    My new KoAloha Concert is on its way!

    Now the long wait begins... it arrived this afternoon so I'm vowing not to touch it until 3pm tomorrow. The longest 24 hours EVER! I don't think I'll be able to sleep. :uhoh:
  8. UkePhilly

    My new KoAloha Concert is on its way!

    kvowens -- to be honest, I don't know for sure. I did all of my research here on UU as well as on YouTube. Not too many places to play high end Ukes side-by-side here in Philly. To be honest, I think the thing that really tipped me towards KoAloha were the stories and videos about the company...
  9. UkePhilly

    My new KoAloha Concert is on its way!

    24 hours?!!?!? I think I may need a restraining order to keep me from opening that box. :cool: It's now in the CONUS! fabioponta -- I feel for you! Dealing with customs must be a nightmare...
  10. UkePhilly

    My new KoAloha Concert is on its way!

    Acclimatize??!?!? How long? That wait will really kill me... And I hope the wonderful east coast weather doesn't delay it even further: :eek:
  11. UkePhilly

    My new KoAloha Concert is on its way!

    My new KoAloha Concert is on its way! (Update: it's HERE!) Just ordered my first premium Uke from MGM: a KoAloha Concert! I'm going to be glued to PackageTrackr ( for the next day waiting for its arrival. Not sure how the little blue truck is supposed to make...
  12. UkePhilly

    Aloha from Philly!

    Hello all, I purchased my first Ukulele several months ago - initially for my two and a half year old daughter. I had just started getting back into playing guitar -- mostly so I could sing and make music with the kids. She was very curious about the guitar so instead of getting her a toy, I...