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  1. chris667

    Season 507:Bitter/sweet

    Originally when I was thinking about a theme for this week I was going to choose positivity. But then I thought what's the point? Things are hard for a lot of us at the minute, so this week's theme is bitter/sweet. It is important to acknowledge that things are not perfect while celebrating...
  2. chris667

    CLOSED FS Tascam DP-006 multitrack recorder

    I know this isn't strictly a ukulele, but here goes. I have this Tascam DP-006 recorder. A really fine piece of equipment with built in stereo microphones. Entire musical careers have been created with less. I am selling because I can get by with a laptop mic. CLOSED - thanks for your interest.
  3. chris667

    Brueko guitar, mahogany baritone, Boosey & Hawkes tenor, tiny iUke (UK only)

    Hello folks, We're about to do a lot of building work on our house, and rather than put everything in storage I thought I'd see if anyone was interested in any of these: Brueko twen guitar with soft case and spare strings. These are extremely hard to find in the UK, which is why I bought one...
  4. chris667

    Brueko no. 4, Iuke tiny sopranino, Blue Moon baritone, Clearwater guitarlele

    Hello folks. I'm having a clearout. I have some really nice, playable inexpensive ukes for sale. Collection from near Derby, UK or postage at cost. Details below. More pictures/sound samples are no problem - just ask. 1. Clearwater guitarlele - 25GBP 2. Blue moon baritone uke - 20GBP 3. Teeny...
  5. chris667

    Can anyone identify this old instrument?

    Recently, I bought a ukulele from a certain auction site. Normally I wouldn't buy an instrument unseen, but it was not expensive, and I wanted a gamble. What is it? From looking at the back I think it is maple. It has an arched back and no kerfing like a Brueko, but it has a thinner neck and...
  6. chris667

    Uke kits

    Hello I quite fancy building a uke to learn on; a friend is coming back to live in the UK after spending a couple of years working in the States, which saves me $$$ on postage. I've recently taken on a job; part of it entails spending the next few months living on my own in a big, disused...
  7. chris667

    Uke clubs/groups near Newbury, Berkshire, UK?

    Hello I have a few months work in Newbury. This is great for me to earn some cash, but not so hot for my playing. Are there any clubs around Newbury? I'm not a brilliant player or anything, I just want to strum and sing along a bit.
  8. chris667

    Wanted: Soprano

    Hello Having tried to play my new baritone at a workshop last night I have decided I need a LOT more practice before it can be used in public. It's massive! I burned my bridges with the soprano size. My dad is learning, and I gave him my lovely Luna soprano. I have a cheao Lani and a cheaper...
  9. chris667

    Music course advice

    My other hobby is studying at the Open University. I started out studying mostly maths/computer science, but even though I've most of a degree I feel like I've taken that side of it as far as I want to now. I was looking for another course to do, and came across this...
  10. chris667

    Show me your homemade cases

    Hello I was thinking of making a uke case. Something rigid, so I won't worry about getting the uke squashed when I'm not using it. I think the ones you can buy are nice, but I want something unique. If anyone's made their own, can I see them for a bit of inspiration?
  11. chris667

    UK luthier pricing question

    Hello- I am sure you've heard about the fiasco with my sister's uke. She's bought two now that don't really play properly; the action on both is very high. It's been a bit expensive for me, because she's taken the uke I bought for my dad, which means my dad's having my beloved Luna, which in...
  12. chris667

    Before I take the plunge

    I really like the Baritone uke sound. I quite want to buy one; I'll probably tune it to GCEA with a low G rather than learn new shapes though. But I have to ask. Will it sound silly at workshops if everyone else has a soprano?
  13. chris667

    Wanted: Budget secondhand uke

    Hello I am looking to acquire a new uke to take on a canoeing trip. As you can see from this thread, I am rather accident prone. I'm not taking my beloved Luna paddling! If possible, I would like it to be either tenor or baritone sized and in GCEA tuning. This is partly because I currently...
  14. chris667

    Offered: Basic, broken soprano ukulele

    I accidentally broke the bridge by sliding it down a table.:wallbash: The body is still OK, and before it wasn't a bad player. Obviously an inexpensive instrument, and the action was a little high, but as you'll be fitting a new bridge you'll fix that - right? Now, I could fit a new bridge...
  15. chris667

    I broke my bridge!

    And what's worse, it's all my fault. I was holding it against the edge of a table, and slipped. :( It's on a very cheap uke which I swapped for an aincient laptop, more to help my friend out than anything. I didn't like using it, but it was going to come canoeing with me, where I wouldn't have...
  16. chris667

    Well set up cheap ukes

    Hello I want to buy my little sister a uke. She has one, but can't get a note out of it - she was doing quite well with mine! I want to get her a Makala, and from Ebay. I would like to go to a "proper" shop, but I have loads of Paypal money, and as it's sat there getting no interest I'd rather...
  17. chris667

    Quiet ukes