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  1. UkingViking

    What is the point of plastic ukes?

    As an owner of a Magic Fluke and an Enya Nova, branded as something else in Thomann but same build, I can say that the nova is easier to hold. I never tried to hold them traditionally, so It I cannot speak for that. But the shape of the nova allows you to rest it on you knee without it sliding...
  2. UkingViking

    Which mid price would you go for?

    You should decide on cedar vs. mahogany, as they sound different. I like the looks and warmth of the mahogany, which is more traditional for ukuleles, but there is a reason why most guitars are made with softwood tops. The clarity might make for a more versatile instrument in the cedar...
  3. UkingViking

    Seasonistas on-line get together / open mic

    What an unpleasant experience, never happened to me. Its sounds very unprofessional to write threatening personal messages to youtube users, rather than letting a lawyer handle the contact and/or contact youtube to take down the video and give you a copyright strike. I wouldn't avoid that...
  4. UkingViking

    Magic Flea sound

    My Magic Fluke instrument is the souped up Koa tenor with all the upgrades, so I can't really speak for the plastic fretboard models. I bought for the non-traditional looks and the good reviews. It is absolutely great soundwise. Part of me like it more than my more expensive aNueNue AMM3...
  5. UkingViking

    Capo for beginners

    I bought a capo a few years ago, when I bought a guitar. Not because I expected to use it, but I wanted the whole accessory kit. Also my father might use when he plays on my guitar while visiting. I put the capo on my Ukulele only for two songs, and for one of them I took it off again and just...
  6. UkingViking

    Legal advice

    Recently I posted a rendition of House of The Rising Sun, a traditional which should not raise any claims. YouTube identified it as some obscure scandinavian song from a band I never heard of. I wonder if I was that much off key... Anyway, not I didnt bother complain.
  7. UkingViking

    Oh, the soprano...

    I never play sopranos, except for a couple of long neck versions which technically are small body concerts. I think that getting a bad first soprano scared me away. After at starting out on a cheap Makala concert, I wanted to try a pineapple soprano. I ordered a Luna instrument online for the...
  8. UkingViking

    Best string brand for beginner???

    If you try out Worth strings, the Browns have a slightly warmer sound than the Clears. But the difference is very subtle compared to the difference from nylgut to fluorocarbon.
  9. UkingViking

    Best string brand for beginner???

    Ill join the group suggesting that you wear the Aquilas down untill they are dented from the frets, getting a feel of nylgut, and then experiment with some fluorocarbons. Aquilas nylgut are fine strings, but like many I use fluorocarbon strings on many of my ukes. It is a denser materiale, so...
  10. UkingViking

    Concert Samples -- Which do you like best?

    I prefer #3. 3 - 4 - 2 - 1 Number one sounds a bit harsh to me. Number 2 has a lot of sustain, but depending on what you play it might be a bit too much. I know you can mute it, but it also has a but less attack. Number 3 and four sound more balanced to me, but number 3 came through better...
  11. UkingViking

    Loudness for ukulele/vocal recordings

    Thanks for offering to look at my audio path. I might post something next time I feel like something wont work. I usually have a chain like: Recording uke and vocal into one mic. EQ - optional, trying presets that sound fitting because too many buttons. On to Master track Compressor - also...
  12. UkingViking

    Loudness for ukulele/vocal recordings

    Before I went from Audacity to Reaper, and didn't have a lot of options, I used to just do like that. Not monitor levels, just adjust volume and compare to an online video. And except for a few times when it clipped or was too quiet, I often like the results better than I like them now when I...
  13. UkingViking

    ISO: ukulele nut

    Remember to check the thickness of the nut. Several of my ukes have nuts that are only 3 mm thick, and most of the nuts you can buy online are a lot thicker.
  14. UkingViking

    Water Resistant For Pacific Northwest Misty Winters

    This summer I needed an ukulele for leaving in a car. I got a rebranded Enya nova. Positively surprised by the sound. Very narrow string spacing. If they had been available for shipping to Denmark with shory enough notice, I might have gotten the Enya HPL model. It comes with radiused...
  15. UkingViking

    Loudness for ukulele/vocal recordings

    Thaks for your reply. The video you link actually end up mentioning the LUFS. It is a loudness measurement that takes all the stuff into account that he talks about. I downloaded the free Youlean LUFS meter to analyse it in my DAW. I struggle to get an integrated LUFS value at the desired...
  16. UkingViking

    Season 501 - Forever In Blue Jeans

    A last minute entry: "My mother was a taylor, she sewed my new blue jeans"
  17. UkingViking

    Loudness for ukulele/vocal recordings

    Hi Forum, I am courious as to what loudness more DAW savvy people go for for videos. I read that to "compete" with other songs on youtube, you should aim for LUFS - 14db (integrated) . You can go louder if it sounds better, but youtube will turn it down. If you go quiter it will not be turned...
  18. UkingViking

    500! The Songs of Ukulele Underground

    Thanks for hosting a great theme on the Milestone week!
  19. UkingViking

    How do you store your extra strings?

    I have a small drawer where I keep the picks and the slide that I never use, an egg shaker, and of course extra strings for a variety of instruments. Not a enormous stash, just one spare set for each type, tenor low G, tenor high G, concert high G fluorocarbon, classical guitar strings, steel...
  20. UkingViking

    Ohana sk-30m vs Kiwaya KSU 1L

    I have one of those Ohanas. A loud and fun uke to play. To begin with i didnt play it that much, but after I put fluorocarbon strings on it more so. With a String change I will definately recommend it. Rather tight string spacing though. I recently got a MyaMoe super soprano, after trying a...