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  1. BuzzBD

    Can not Post

    I have been thrashing around trying to post the last couple of days and can’t get past this needs moderator approval thing. I will try posting a new thread.
  2. BuzzBD

    Style 3 Myrtle Soprano

    Aloha Everyone, I am very excited about this project. Some time ago, UU member richntacoma asked me to make him a myrtle soprano. So I went through my stock of myrtle and found a nice and unusual billet, and sent him some pics of the wood for his approval. As I was up to my eyebrows in previous...
  3. BuzzBD

    Making an Archtop Ukulele- Take Two

    Around the end of January, my old thread on building an archtop ukulele got a bump. That got me motivated to revisit the process as it has been a while since I have made an archtop instrument. I wanted to start the process by reviewing my old books on the subject, but most of my books are in...
  4. BuzzBD

    Some Mundane Luthier Work

    Needed to resaw some koa for some vintage model concerts this morning. Found a good billet measuring 2
  5. BuzzBD

    Building the Youthalele

    This project got started some years ago, a teacher from California wanted to get some ukulele in his students hands. The problem was they were mostly poor, with very little resources. I told him I would try and design a ukulele that could be built with under $10 in parts and materials, by some...
  6. BuzzBD

    Youthalele 3

    There has been an ongoing discussion in the Luthier’s Lounge about books on how to build ukulele. One issue is that the woodworking skills and tools necessary to do this right are significant. Some years ago I designed the Youthalele as an instrument that could be built in quantity by teachers...
  7. BuzzBD

    FS: New Hoe Wa’a (canoe paddle) Concert by Brad Donaldson

    This is #3 of my Hoe Wa’a series with a center sound hole and a side sound port. All solid wood construction, body is koa with walnut splines on the top and back. Neck is H. mahogany, fretboard and bridge are walnut. The tuners are Grover friction. Price is $425 plus $30 shipping to US...
  8. BuzzBD

    New 10th Anniversary Fun Build

    Ten years ago I was finishing the final assembly of the first Fun Build ukulele. The concept was conceived by Vic Jones of Blue Frog Ukuleles. Basically several uke builders from around the world built the various parts of a ukulele based on the Scott Antes Martin O style plans and sent them...
  9. BuzzBD

    FS Ditson/Martin Style 3K reproduction by Brad Donaldson

    While going through the Tom Walsh-John King book on The Martin Ukulele, I noticed that the only koa ukulele made by Martin for the Ditson dept. stores were either a style 1K (12), or a style 5K (22). Thinking that doing a Ditson/Martin style 3K soprano concept ukulele would be a fun project, I...
  10. BuzzBD

    Hoe Wa’a Ukulele by Brad Donaldson

    Aloha everyone, I have been working on this design for a while now, trying to add a little more diversity to my lineup. Introducing the Hoe Wa’a (Canoe Paddle) ukulele. This is a 15” concert scale. All solid koa body, with a solid walnut strip on the top and back simulating the paddle shaft...
  11. BuzzBD

    Youthalele Plans

    It has been a number of years but I still get requests now and then for these plans. The original PC documents are no longer available but I took some pics of a set of plans I still had around. The necessary info can be gleaned from them, but if anyone wants to give it a go and has any...
  12. BuzzBD

    New Super Soprano Building Thread

    I have not done one of these for quite some time now, so now that I am back in the saddle again so to speak, here it goes. The ukulele being built is a vintage model (Kumalae style) soprano with a concert scale, for a fellow UUer. The body is koa, top is Engelmann spruce with H. mahogany neck...
  13. BuzzBD

    Looking at you Kid

    Seems like this New Zealand ancient kauri concert uke back was staring at me while I was looking at it. Brad
  14. BuzzBD

    FS New Bradford Donaldson highly figured Koa Concert

    The koa for the body was cut from a single piece of highly figured wood for a perfect match. The neck is H. Mahogany, fretboard and bridge are Indian rosewood. The top is bound with maple and it has a side sound port. This ukulele was made by me on Kauai and comes with a Uke Crazy hard foam...
  15. BuzzBD

    Ukulele Building Course I finished teaching a ukulele building course at my home on Kauai a couple of weeks ago. My student Valter is Italian, who has been living in New Zealand for the last several years. Valter is a talented woodworker/luthier with an impressive number...
  16. BuzzBD

    This One Didn’t Make It

    To the UU Marketplace that is. I had intended to offer this ukulele on the Marketplace, but a long time customer got it first. It is my interpretation of what a style 3 Ditson/ Martin would have been had they made one. It is made from my stash of...
  17. BuzzBD

    Bench Driil Press converted to Thickness Sander

    I spent a day converting a spare drill press into a thickness sander. The frame is 2x4s, the shaft 1/2” solid steel. I used a 4 1/2” hole saw to cut the disks for the drum out alternating 3/4” mdf and 3/4” plywood. Self stick Velcro is used on the drum and on the sanding belts, so changing...
  18. BuzzBD

    Kauai made solid koa soprano

    I am not building custom ukulele any more but I will be offering some spec instruments that I have made here. First up, this was built last December for a local ukulele shop. He was a Kala dealer but wanted to carry some locally built koa instruments. So I obliged and built him a few simple...
  19. BuzzBD

    Best wishes for Chuck Moore

    Chuck just posted that he is back home from the hospital after having a heart attack. Just wanted to wish him a full and speedy recovery. I had my own health issues some years ago that curtailed my building for a while and Chuck, class act that he is, was one of the first to welcome me back to...
  20. BuzzBD

    Kauai Ukulele Building Course

    I am looking for a few more people to participate in my ukulele building course. There are openings available in March, April and June of this year. The course consists of you spending 7-10 days at my home and shop, building the ukulele of your choice, to take home with you. It will be one on...