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  1. SamUke

    FS: Ukiyo Soprano Vita Uke

    Ha! I’ve had 2 others!
  2. SamUke

    FS: Ukiyo Soprano Vita Uke

    I’m going to hang on to it. Thanks
  3. SamUke

    FS: Ukiyo Soprano Vita Uke

    Ukiyo soprano vita uke in the classic vita tone woods, solid spruce top and solid mahogany back/sides. It is in great shape but has been played and shows strum wear and other little marks on the top. No cracks. Smoke free home. Newish Fremont hard shell case. These have a strap button but...
  4. SamUke

    Lifting Bridge

    Hi UU. I have an older Lymana tenor and the bridge is starting to lift away on one corner. Is this something I should get removed and re-glued? Can I leave it and play, or is it something that should definitely get fixed? Regards.
  5. SamUke

    WTB: Ukiyo Vita Uke or equivalent

    Anybody have one of these they'd be willing to part with?
  6. SamUke

    WTB Herb Otha Loprinzi

    I’m interested in finding a used herb ohta loprinzi model. Thanks
  7. SamUke

    FS Koaloha Opio KTO-G6

    Koaloha 6 string guitalele. Purchased last year from HMS and rarely played. Great condition. Solid acacia. Comes with hard case. 575 shipped.
  8. SamUke

    FS: Kiwaya KTS-6

    Kiwaya KTS-6 soprano ukulele, all solid mahogany strung with worth strings. These are fantastic ukes and are unfortunately out of production. The uke is in near mint condition. Includes a Martin soft case. $500 shipped. Thanks
  9. SamUke

    FS/FT: Ukiyo Vita Uke

    I want a guitalele, either KoAloha DVI or Kanile’a GL6. If anyone purchased one and doesn’t play anymore. I have beautiful Ukiyo Vita in spruce/ mahogany. These are true to the original, concert body with soprano scale. These are probably the best reproductions of the Harmony vita you’ll come...
  10. SamUke

    Martin Konter Uke

    I noticed Martin released 1K Konter replica uke on their site. Amazing, maybe not for the price but it’s cool.
  11. SamUke

    Ukulelezaza vol. 4

    I recently purchased zaza’s new book and the download link seems unusable. Is anybody else using this and had success with his site? Thanks
  12. SamUke

    Ukiyo Vita

    I show up here every couple years, usually looking for a new uke. Of the 30 or so ukes I’ve owned over the years the Ukiyo Vita was always one of my favs but foolishly sold it. I lucked out last week and acquired a new one in the original Harmony configuration, spruce and mahogany. This thing...
  13. SamUke

    WTB Ohta San Kamaka or Herb Loprinzi

    WTB Herb Ohta Loprinzi or loprinzi concert I’m interested in a Herb Ohta loprinzi. Any condition would be fine. Thanks
  14. SamUke

    WTB: older Kamaka Ohta San

    In any condition.
  15. SamUke

    WTB...Loprinzi Herb Ohta model

    If anybody has a used one they want to unload I might interested. Thanks
  16. SamUke

    PBS Ohta San special

    There is an PBS documentary on Ohta San called, Ohta San: Virtuosity and Legacy, that periodically runs on PBS Hawaii. Does anybody have a link to the full film or know a way to access it? I've emailed PBS but they didn't respond. Thanks
  17. SamUke

    New Martin string question

    For those who have sopranos from the reissue Martin line what strings have you found that you like. I have Martins on my cherry now but they're do for a swap and want to try something different.
  18. SamUke

    WTB Martin style 3 mahogany

    Would like to buy a 1950-60s style 3. The one without the stripe.
  19. SamUke

    FS: Spruce Ohta San 2012

    I had a couple of questions about the water mark. I have attached the best pics I can take. It is the dark stained part of the wood where the bottom back meets the bottom side.