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    Which Enya Nova uke would you buy?

    I probably won't get one... at least right now... but I keep coming back to them. I have enough amazon points right now to get one but I've been saving those points for another purchase. I'm looking at the tenor with effects, tenor with no effects or concert with effects. Personally, I want...
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    Missed it by that much... almost NUD

    I posted in another thread that I'm going into the hospital soon and I'll be in for a little over a month. Everything I take in has to be wiped down to be free of any germs or viruses. My uke isn't as nice as some of the ones I see on here, but it's pretty nice for me. I was concerned about...
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    Proud dad moment.

    This will be kind of long but I figure some of you here will appreciate this. Last year my oldest daughter and I got back from a week of camp and asked if she could start playing my ukulele. She said she wanted to be able to lead worship at campfire next year. I said sure. My kids have never...
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    Setup help/advice - Questions

    As I've posted before, I have a Kala KA-15S that my daughter has taken over. It's not bad but it has some problems. The C string never stays in tune. Tune it and halfway through a song it can be flat or sharp. A few months ago I changed strings because some of you on here said that was the...
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    I can see the desire for more than one

    I’m like everyone else… the eye never has enough of seeing, nor the ear enough of hearing… but I try to live simply. That doesn’t mean I don’t like nice things, I just try to be wise and have few of them. I see the thread of “How many ukuleles do you have?” and most of the time I just don’t...
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    Stewmac neck joint

    I like to build things (built most of my amps) and have been intrigued at the idea of building a guitar. Getting interested in the uke and I see Stewmac has uke kits. They’re a good company, and the price isn’t bad. But I was surprised to see the neck joint was just a butt joint. I know a well...
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    String stretching “tricks”?

    I have a feeling this will be a very short thread. My question is in the title… Are there any tricks to stretching, or not stretching, the strings after putting a new set on? Background to the question… I play bass and guitar. I was taught that I had to stretch the strings or deal with them...
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    Any experience with X2 Double AcoustiFex UO pickup?

    Just curious if any of you have any experience with this pickup and what you think of it. Seems like a pretty cool option. I would have thought it might be more popular, but I can't seem to find much about it. I saw this video of the guys at the ukulele site playing it and talking about it...
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    Why (or do you) would you have non-traditional (5 or 6) stringing for your uke?

    Don't hear this as judgement, or stuck in my ways, or tribalism... I'm actually curious because I'm fairly new to the uke world. I understand standard tuning. I understand having an 8-string (it's equivalent to a 12 string guitar). I understand non-standard tunings to play some songs easier...
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    How often do you have to tune?

    I know this is a subjective question. Here's the quick of why I'm asking. I have a Kala KA-15. I know it's not a high dollar uke. My daughter has been using it to learn and has actually said she could stick with using it if it would stay in tune. I'll tune it up, play a song and it's...
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    Looking at a Kala KA-SMHT-SC - Thoughts?

    I have the opportunity to pick one of these up, with a good case, for about $150. I had been looking at saving up for the same style Kala with a Spruce top. I like the idea of a cutaway that doesn’t have a pup already installed. Seems like an ok deal. Any thoughts? Anything I should look out for?
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    Questions for buying a uke for my daughter

    I'll try to be brief. I laid out some of the story in my intro post if you're interested in reading. I'm starting my research to get my daughter her own uke. She's currently playing mine (a Kala KA-15S). I'll start with the questions first for the TLDR crowd. All things being equal, is it...
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    Hello from Carolina

    Hey Everyone. I'm joining more for my daughter than for me. A few years ago I spent some time in the hospital going through chemo. One of my friends bought me a cheap Kala soprano. As he said, "You can't play a ukulele and not smile. You need a ukulele while you're in the hospital." It was...