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    Travel or beater instruments

    I got an Enya Nova tenor for travel and outdoors. I keep it on my patio for outdoor playing in nice weather. At first i wasn't very impressed with it but either the sound improved or it grew on me. My only disappointment is the white color has begun morphing into a yellowish tint. Enya never...
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    KoAloha KTO-10 acacia tenor string recommendations?

    I'm another fan of Pop's UkeSA strings. I've tried both low and high G on several ukuleles from a KoAloha tenor to a Bonanza Oreo concert. On my Pono mahogany I still prefer Fremont Blacklines but Pop's strings are an excellent choice for most ukuleles.
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    Baritone buying recommendations

    No one has mentioned Mainland Baritones so I will. They make one in Mahogany and the model I own in Red Cedar/Rosewood. In your price range you could add a MISI pickup. Mine is a wonderful sounding ukulele and a beauty as well.
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    How many songs to practice simultaneously?

    I'm trying to develop a repertoire of chord melody songs I can play pretty much from memory. Right now I'm practising a arrangements of "Somewhere" (West Side Story), "Misty" and James Hill's "Georgia on My Mind".
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    Removed from Martketplace -Lo Prinzi Baritone

    I'm a baritone lover and a fan of LoPrinzi instruments. I've watched your listing from the start and was put off by your asking price which I thought was too close to the buy new price. I see you've lowered your price and are accepting offers which should help you sell it. I guess because it...
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    Does learning the ukulele first help in learning of the guitar easier in the future?

    I really dislike these questions. I always read them as "I really want to learn this great instrument so should I learn this easy but crappy instrument first"? If you want to learn the guitar why don't you just learn the guitar?
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    Uke Republic

    I've always had a good experience with Uke Republic. I previously bought strings and accessories via internet. I visited the shop last year and bought a bass ukulele that I took home the same day. It's a pretty small store and seems to be run by Mike and his son. It's oddly located in a big...
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    Unwound baritone fluocarbon or nylon ukulele strings

    I've used Worth browns but find them a bit loose. I've been extremely impressed with Uke Logic baritone strings. I'm currently using the unwound set but I also like the set with a wound D which is squeak-less and reminds me of the Fremont Soloist I've used on tenors.
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    What's my next baritone method book?

    I do the same thing except I don't have a soprano so I play it like my tenor and "Moon River" in C becomes "Moon River" in G.
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    Strings to 'brighten' mahogany?

    I recently put UkeSA strings by Pop KoAloha on my 10 year old Pono Mahogany tenor and I think they may be what you're looking for.
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    FS: Pono 21.5" Scale steel-string baritone ukulele

    Hey Brett, I'm reluctantly interested in the aNueNue tenor. It appears there is no pickup installed?
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    Best baritone ukulele under $250 sold in the US

    You can get a "Classic mahogany" solid wood baritone from Mainland for $339. I have a cedar/rosewood model and it is excellent.
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    Baritone ukuleles without truss rods

    My sold Kala had a truss rod as does my Pono tenor. My Mainland Baritone doesn't have one.
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    Are those android application tuner accurate?

    I use a clip-on tuner but I much prefer the small DAddario's to the Snark. I also have a pricey strobe clip-on for no good reason I can figure. Sometimes when re-stringing I use the Tuner Ninja on phone or computer because it shows the octave.
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    Question about strings

    I'm currently enamored with Pop's UkeSA strings. The low G set has a fluorocarbon G string that should fit most nut slots. The sound and feel of these are just excellent with a nice balance between bright and warm. There are only two sets, a high and low G, and each covers soprano, concert...
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    Baritone ukulele string suggestions

    Uke Logic makes an unwound set and a set with a wound D. I have the unwound set on my Mainland now and I love how they sound.
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    Cleaning Enya Carbon Composite

    I've considered just letting it yellow. I'm not a fan of decorations or painting pictures on ukuleles but I might consider a color change or a coat of white. As you note, it's an inexpensive ukulele so I'm willing to try things or just live with the yellow. I also contacted Enya to see what...
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    Cleaning Enya Carbon Composite

    Would anyone consider using paint? Perhaps a light spray coat.
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    Cleaning Enya Carbon Composite

    I recently bought a tenor model of this ukulele in white. I travel with it and use it to practice in my back yard. It has quickly taken on a yellow cast and I'd like to whiten it up a bit. The Enya composite probably gives me quite a bit of leeway in cleaners and products to try but I wondered...
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    Koaloha Kcm 00 strings

    I recently put a low g UkesSA set on my KoAloha Tenor and I agree. Great strings and they really make koa sing.