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  1. Blank Williams

    Vintage Kamaka question…

    So I have a lovely vintage Kamaka soprano, (probably from the late 70’s) that I love but…it’s almost banjo-bright and loud! What are some strings types that are good for taming brightness? I think it had the original black nylons when I got it but they were very dull sounding to me. It’s...
  2. Blank Williams

    WTB - Kiwaya KTS-7

    Hey, anyone have a Kiwaya KTS-7 they’re looking to sell? Been looking everywhere and can’t seem to find one for sale in the US. Let me know if you have one! Thanks.
  3. Blank Williams

    Gotoh UPTs on a vintage Martin tenor

    So this question may have been asked to death, but I couldn’t find the answer I need. I plan on installing UPTs on my newly acquired vintage Martin tenor, and I need to know if I should order the regular size or the long version? Thanks in advance!
  4. Blank Williams

    Wtb-older Ohana sk-38 or ck-38

    Been hoping for a while now that an older Ohana sk38 or ck38 would pop up for sale, but I’ve yet to see one. I’m specifically looking for the ones with the ebony nut and saddle, so if you have one that you are looking to sell, please message me. Thanks!
  5. Blank Williams

    FS: Kiwaya ks-5

    Hardly used and in excellent to near mint condition Kiwaya ks-5. Wasn’t planning on selling this one but unforeseen circumstances are making me do so. Really a beautiful sounding and playing soprano. Asking $300 obo. PayPal only and US only. Thanks!
  6. Blank Williams

    FS: Martin S1

    Up for grabs very nice Martin S1. When I first got it there was some sinking between the sound hole and bridge. After keeping it humidified it is hardly noticeable. Other than that it’s in excellent condition. Unfortunately I don’t have the Martin gig bag but I’ll ship it in a decent hard shell...
  7. Blank Williams

    New Martin ukes

    Anybody else see these? I was hoping they would come out with something new.
  8. Blank Williams

    Laminate uke question...

    I don’t know if this has been brought up before, but I was wondering how much the veneer of a laminate uke actually contributes to the overall tone. I recently got a Kiwaya ks-5 (which I love) and it got me wondering how much those thin pieces of koa actually play a role in the sound.
  9. Blank Williams

    FS: Martin C1K

    Well, after a lot of mental back and forth, I’ve decided to let go of my Martin C1K. Main reason is that I have finally accepted the fact that I am a soprano guy. This particular uke is in excellent condition except for a very hard to spot ding near the edge on the top. The fretboard and bridge...
  10. Blank Williams

    Tilting bridge on Martin S1

    Hi all. So I recently purchased a used Martin S1. One of the first things I noticed was that the bridge seemed to be excessively tilting forward and there appears to a bit of dipping between the bridge and the sound hole. I’ve checked the braces as best I could but it’s difficult to get a good...
  11. Blank Williams

    Vintage Martin soprano question

    Hi all. New to this forum but been a frequent visitor. My question is this...I have a beautiful vintage Martin style 0 soprano, and I was wondering if anyone had any insight as to how sturdy these things are? I ask because I plan to start hitting open mics once everything starts settling down...