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    Who's not played a Kamaka soprano?

    If you've not played a Kamaka soprano and you are a soprano player. You should check it out.
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    Who hasn't bought a uke in ....

    I've not bought a uke in more than a year! There was a brief moment that I thought about buying, but I was saved by my own thread I think my UAS is under control.
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    Uke challenge

    Are you up for a challenge? It's entirely free and very likely to be extremely fun. Every player is able to accomplish it; but it might be challenging for many. I got this idea from reading UU posts from rainbow21 and joyful Uke; so a big thank you! Please post here if you are welling to...
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    Uke addicted

    Ukulele Dependency Scale Score 1 point for every "yes" answer. 1. Have you played the uke in public or in a group? 2. Do you own more than 3 ukuleles? 3. Do you own an Aloha shirt? 4. Can you name 10 ukulele brands offhand? 5. Can you name at least 2 ukulele performers by name or stage name...
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    Let's learn uke together !

    Would anybody be interested in learning the uke together in a peer-review format? Basically, each month, we'd agree on a few songs and post videos on our works-in-progress for peer feedback/comments/mutual encouragements.
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    Cordoba Mini II review -- plays like a uke, sounds like a guitar?

    So, after much consideration about the ergos of a small guitar/large uke, I got myself a Cordoba Mini II instead of a baritone uke. (Sorry baritone, I'll get you some day; I promise.) Overall, the build quality is just OK for the price (nothing too good or bad that stands out). The pickup sound...
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    Buying something at Sweetwater? ... and interested in a Cordoba Mini II?

    Seems like a good price if you're already planning to buy something > $100 from Sweetwater. Tech Specs String Type:Nylon Number of Strings:6 Body Shape:Mini II Left-/Right-handed:Right-handed...
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    Free online classical guitar class

    I think this is a great class and would like to tell more people. This online class completely free. The way it works is you post videos of you playing the assigned songs each month and get feedback from peers and more experienced players. The levels go from D01 to D08, where each level is...
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    Youtube help (how to disable ads on your own videos)

    I noticed that Youtube is putting ads at the beginning of some of my public videos. I make videos usually to help forum members and make some public to help others; so I prefer them to have no ads. What settings do I need to make to tell Youtube not to monetize the videos (i.e. don't put ads)...
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    Is your uke top too thick?

    So, I read about a method to check your top thickness. Quick and dirty, but easy and fun to do. Hold your uke on its side and look down (i.e. you'll see the ukes side). Gently squeeze the back and top with your fingers. Does the top move? If it is too thick, it won't move. I made a video in...
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    Uke in paintings (possibly NSFW)

    I've got to go see the original.
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    Dear beginner

    You have picked the right instrument. Only a year ago, I was a uke newbie too. This is an instrument that you can pick up and learn a song on the same day. The learning curve is very gentle, i.e. just a little effort on your part opens up large amounts of possibilities in songs. And, more...
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    Uke as decoration?

    Uke as a home or office decoration? Anybody here doing it? I'm thinking about replacing a plant on my desk with a uke decoration. Not sure if I want to use one of my spare ukes or if I should just use a uke shaped object (which requires me to buy more stuff). I need some ideas on a...
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    What about guitars...

    Guitars are lots of fun to play too; plus, some music is easier on the guitar. To me, uke and guitar aren't mutually exclusive; they are like ice cream and pizza, I love them both. It's only a little step away for a uke player to play a guitar because they share similar skills. If uke is the...
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    How to pronounce Likelike (that highway) in Oahu?

    This question has bothered my wife and I for a while now. I've been calling it "like like" (as the the word "like"). Wife wants to call it something totally different. I'm hoping somebody who knows can set us straight. Thanks.
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    I finally did it (ukes are made for the car)

    So, I made my solo uke debut yesterday! You see, I've been playing the uke for more than a year and have never played it for anybody except my son. Even my wife tells me not to play it to her. The local uke jams but they aren't meeting because of COVID. So, I'm all alone with my uke...
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    Now that it's gone, I miss UAS

    Strange as it sounds, I miss having UAS and browsing ukuleles. I love playing the ukulele, maybe even more than ever; but there's just zero desire to shop. At first, I thought this was a good thing as it saves me lots of money; but, after a while, I miss the fun of uke shopping. Anybody else...
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    7 early signs of addiction 1. Secrecy and suspicion Hiding the uke purchases from friends and family. 2. Removing themselves from family and friends Practicing the uke for hours all by yourself. 3. Constantly needing money UAS isn't cheap. 4...
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    Uke string question

    From the string threads appearing here, I'm beginning to think I'm doing something unusual. When I first started out, I changed the strings on my uke after 3 months because I was pressing too hard and put dents into the strings where they contact the frets. Since then, I use a much lighter...
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    Sometimes a little music theory is good

    A few days ago, I overheard my son playing the scales on my guitar. I hadn't taught him anything on the guitar because he showed zero interest in the uke. I was so surprised so I asked him about it later. He said that he figured out that each fret is 1/2 step and he already know the scale...