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    Help with some rough spots on this tab - Can't Help Falling In Love With You

    On the Facebook UU page I saw a handwritten tab for this song from a gentleman from Taiwan (?) named 郭奈良(Guo Nailiang?) along with this video Here is the original (reduced to fit better, link to full res version at bottom) And my best attempt at transcribing it...
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    Club Logos

    cleveland jumping flea
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    What is the best way to acclimatise a new ukulele with humidity difference?

    My house is quite dry, but my ukes have their own sauna.
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    Need to set up my Cordoba Tenor

    I have been putting this off because I am afraid of introducing buzz. Or worse. But I guess a new nut (or baking soda and CA) can fix that. Prepped for surgery. I picked .027" as a target string height at the first fret. I'll let you know how it goes.
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    Gotoh UPT Tuners

    I assume that the multiple posts are the result of the rash the 30-second violation. My uke guy works in Vermont but got my UPTs from a shop on Hawaii who buys them from Japan. I am way happy with them!
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    Need to set up my Cordoba Tenor

    Got my set of files and string picker. But my order for the string height gauge is delayed. I think that I will wait for that so that I can measure the before and after more accurately.
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    Uke Storage - Hanging?

    I had previously purchased a curio cabinet to store my ukes. I had them laying on the glass shelves. I recently added hangers for better display. This is really for humidity control for the vintage Oscar-Schmidt's, but I put in hangers for multiple instruments so I have some of my less...
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    Need to set up my Cordoba Tenor

    My dear wife has been listening. For Christmas she got me a Cordoba Tenor 15TM, decent enough for me, and a set of low g strings, D’Addario fluorocarbon. While stringing up the low g I knew that the nut slot would need to be wider, which was easy enough to do with a small file. But all of...