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    WTB/WTT Mya Moe Lapsteel

    Hi UU Friends, Does anyone have a Mya Moe lapsteel they'd like to part with by sale or trade? I have a range of quality ukes to consider as trades (for example, Collings UC1 Koa, William King Spruce/Koa Long-Scale Tenor, early Martin Sopranos and others) (also a few guitars, including a...
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    WTB - Mya Moe Tenor Banjo Uke (Cherry wood)

    Hi Friends, I'm interested in buying a Mya Moe Tenor Banjo Uke made of cherry if anyone has one to move along (I'll pass on other woods, thanks). Happy Holidays All!
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    WTB - Mya Moe Concert Resonator

    Hi, Is anyone interested in parting with their Mya Moe Concert Resonator? Cash or cash/trade works for me (since I have a number of quality sopranos that could be for trade towards MM: 2 vintage Martins, DaSilva hog #61, Kepasa Josephine hog, Pohaku sunburst hog, Pono MS and some others; Also...
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    Bravo for Brad Donaldson - Uke luthier extraordinaire!

    Hi Everyone, During a roadtrip through stunning Cannon Beach, Oregon, last weekend, I had the great pleasure of visiting luthier Brad Donaldson at his shop. Brad, and his wife, Carol, and their two friendly dogs welcomed My Good Gal and I warmly at the door and then generously spent a...
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    Vineyard Solid Mahogany Tenor-Neck Soprano - AS NEW

    PRICE DROP to $129 shipped CONUS, Paypal (from $149) Hi, 6 month newbie here selling off UAS acquisitions that helped me figure out customs to have built. You may recognize this one from forum listings recently by another UU member from whom I purchased this nice uke. I bought one of the...
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    FS: PONO MC MAHOGANY CONCERT BLEM (girlfriend prefers blem soprano)

    Hi, Thanks to kind notice to us all here from UU Vip Doc_J about Koolau's sale of cosmetic blem concerts and sopranos on ebay, I bought one of each for my girlfriend. She likes the soprano size the best, so I'm listing this concert for anyone who missed that killer Koolau sale that zipped by...
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    Hello Comrades!

    ...from the San Francisco Bay Area. Uke On! MickeyRat