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    what are you reading?

    I may be wrong by lindeblad great insight to Forrest Monk life.
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    Books for a not-so beginner

    Have you seen Putters book on here.
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    Pono Soprano Advice.

    Been a way for a while because of an arm injury but can start playing again, I only have a flight tus and have been looking at a Pono acacia soprano do you think there is better value looking for something not to bright a bit more mellow.
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    Kick scooter owners...

    I don’t need a training wheel
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    Yamaha GL1 saddle

    Took my Guitarlele apart and not sure if the saddle is higher treble or bass side can someone have a look at there’s thanks.
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    Ukulele rack

    Made my guitar stand years ago from recycled jarrah my ukes just lay on the floor .
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    Tenor vs Yamaha GL1

    Got to play a GL1 yesterday I liked the sound but string and fret spacing felt a bit small compared to a tenor have owners got used to it , the Shop I was in only had average tenors to play side by side and to my ears the Yamaha sounded better, your advice is always appreciated.
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    Yamaha GL1 played as a uke

    Does anyone play a Yamaha GL1 as a uke with 2 extra bass strings as it has a 17” scale , and what is the string spacing of the lower 4 strings I’m probably wrong but the thought of the 2 bass strings would sound good occasionally.
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    Dry Skin

    Does anyone else have very dry skin on there fingers, I have to use some off my wife’s moisturiser creams to make my ukes sound good if I don’t they sound a bit scratchy.
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    Mya Moe Tone on cheaper ukes

    I have been listening to ukes online and was amazed at the harp like tone of the Mya Moe concert but a little out of my price range , the Cordoba mahogany top has a slight resemblance any others you know about.
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    Kmise Solid top

    I already have a ply concert and it is pretty good for the money , has anyone got a solid top and ply top and find the solid top superior the solid mahogany is only about 35$ usd + shipping.
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    Flight Tusl 35

    Flight has a new longneck tus on there site has anyone tried one , I really like my soprano but a bit more room would be good.
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    Ukulele stand recommendations?

    I made this for my guitar I will make a uke size one when I have some spare time .
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    Guitar Sale ?

    Since taking up ukulele my guitar has sat gathering dust , has anyone sold there guitar and later regretted it .
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    Alice Strings

    Has anyone tried Alice strings made in China from imported products about half the price of mainstream strings they have bright and mellow.
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    NUD: Flight TUS35 ABS Travel Uke

    The sound is really good but the tuners are average and the bag will be replaced , I’ve had a close look at the saddle and I can’t tell what it’s made of .
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    NUD: Flight TUS35 ABS Travel Uke

    Got a new tus35 today and it has metal frets a plastic nut and bridge , the bridge is two parts the build quality is good except the twelve fret marker is not flush with the board , I’m not sure but I think others have said they have a one piece compensated bridge mine is none compensated and...
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    Do Plastic Ukes vibrate

    Do the plastic backs of the flea flight travel ect vibrate enough that you can feel it when playing like a thin wood uke.
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    DIY Cigar Box Uke

    Hi jerry I made one awhile ago I much prefer my uke
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    2nd Ukulele advice

    I think choosing my 2nd uke is harder than my first , I have been considering a koko Pili about $250aud or should I be looking at something like a Kala solid mahogany $350aud ,I mostly finger pick thanks David