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    Jam Canceled

    SF bay area. Here's the forecast for the week.
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    Jam Canceled

    Today's 77F and RH 55% in the garden. I wish all the uke jams around here just meet outside.
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    Who's not played a Kamaka soprano?

    I've never playing a vintage Kamaka soprano. So, I can only say that what I post relates to the new Kamakas.
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    Who's not played a Kamaka soprano?

    The sound is just how I imagine a uke should sound like. There's a certain sound that I associate with the uke: warm, mellow, punchy with a bit of shimmer and some clarity. Although we hear/interpret sounds a bit differently, see if you hear it in the strummed Kamaka soprano. It is a perfect...
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    Who's not played a Kamaka soprano?

    Sorry, no. Not the same.
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    Travel or beater instruments

    I normally don't travel with my ukulele because I don't get much chance to play it. However, when I do, I just take the uke that I normally play. Ukes are so small that I don't see the point of a travel uke (I had a Kala travel soprano before, and it was useless because I still just take my...
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    Who's not played a Kamaka soprano?

    If you've not played a Kamaka soprano and you are a soprano player. You should check it out.
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    new snark tuners

    Haven't replaced a tuner battery yet actually. For ukulele, I mostly tune by ear; it's faster than using a tuner. Only 3 strings to tune (against whatever C string is) and most of the time they are already in tune.
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    new snark tuners

    At least since Jan of last year: I'm glad to report that my Snark tuner is still working well.
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    不要問我= =烏克麗麗 cover Vanessa Ding

    Title translation: "Don't ask me == Ukulele cover"
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    Hard Cases vs Gig Bags

    I only use hardcases for my ukes because they are pretty small and convenient. I carry my ukes around a lot; and hardcases are actually faster access and easier to store. This is totally different than guitars, where I prefer gig bags for carrying them to places because those hardcases are...
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    Inflation Q, rethinking high end…

    Inflation just makes everything (well, the affected things) more expensive. So, a previous $1k uke now cost $1k + inflation. If that previous uke was considered high-end, then it's still considered high-end. So, inflation doesn't have much to do with high-end definitiion. What is high-end...
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    How to measure a radius?

    An easy way to mearsure is to put your index finger over the fretboard. Don't apply too much pressure that your flesh deforms under your finger. Remove your finger and measure the arc and chord lengths. That'll get you the radius. If you need a refresher, here...
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    What’s your ukulele “hot take”?

    I think if I have the ukes I like, then it's all good. It doesn't matter what other people's uke collections contain.
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    Ask the person after you a random question

    Back then home broadband was pretty expensive; I think mine was $150/mon for DSL with 128kbps down stream and 64kbps up (my company paid for it otherwise I wouldn't have it). It was the days of CLECs. Prices quickly fell; being $75/mon around 2000/2002 time frame with cable becoming cheaper and...
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    Oh no...

    Buy it today; thank me tomorrow. :)
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    Ask the person after you a random question

    First connect to Internet in 1987. When did you first start home boardband Internet service?
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    Playability . Easy Playing , Easy Strumming Ukuleles ?

    I think most well-setup ukes are pretty easy to play.
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    S S Stewart Taropatch

    I thought you were thinking about fixing it up and playing it; if I remember your earlier posts.
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    Who hasn't bought a uke in ....

    Well, in that case, I'm sure there's a person o UU that's thanking you.... for taking on the joys of a new uke away from him/her! I _ALMOST_ bought a vintage Martin from that thread that somebody posted. I replied with something nice and decided that if it's not sold the next day, I'll buy it...