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  1. fretie

    Collab for uke and electric guitar - got ideas?

    I need your help! I'm looking for song ideas for a collab I want to do with my little brother who plays electric guitar. He is primarily a metal type player as well as a builder of custom one of a kind electric guitars. As a gift my to me, my talented little brother has designed and almost...
  2. fretie

    Classic Slack Key songs

    I would like to learn to play a few of the classic hawaiian slack songs complete with the slack key tuning. Those of you with familiarity and enthusiasm for the slack key genre which pieces would you recommend? And do you have any preferred tutorials and/notation you feel would help me achieve...
  3. fretie

    String stuck inside string-through bridge

    Today when I wanted to swap out the G string on my Klos ukulele, I found that the string was struck in the string-through bridge. The string has been loosened from the headstock however it can not be fed down into the body through the bridge. It seems jammed right inside the wooden bridge...
  4. fretie

    External Pickup ideas for covid uke jam.

    Its been a long time since I have actually played my uke in the presence and along with another uke player (well, make that close to one year ago, in fact). In the meantime I sold off my tenor that had its K&K pickup which I used to plug into my little lunchbox size amp. Now a pal and I are...
  5. fretie

    Who else owns a Maui Music uke?

    I recently purchased a 14 year old Maui Music tenor from someone right here in UU. This Peter Lieberman build has some lovely koa and sounds as sweet and warm as it looks. I’m looking forward to some good long satisfying sessions with this instrument. The hand made qualities, though subtle, are...
  6. fretie

    WTB: Koaloha koa tenor with pickup

    I'm looking for a Koaloha koa tenor with a pickup or, for that matter, without a pickup would be fine too. If you've got one to sell please email me at: windchaser333ATgmailDOTcom and/or reply here (but don't PM me because for some reason the PM's on this forum aren't working reliably for me).
  7. fretie

    Why friction tuners?

    Specifically, why does Koaloha still use friction tuners on their concert ukes? I have a nice mango tenor Koaloha with geared tuners so, when eyeing up the possibility of adding a concert Koaloha to the herd, was surprised to see the friction tuners on that model.
  8. fretie

    WTB: Kamaka HF-2

    Looking for a Kamaka concert, preferably from a fellow Canadian (to avoid hefty shipping and customs fees). I
  9. fretie

    Problems with the PM function?

    Is anyone else having trouble when they try to send PM? It seems that the message gets cut off after the first few words.
  10. fretie

    Looking for a Canadian uker with a concert to sell.

    OK, not a standard request but, hey, these are not standard times, eh?! So, I am casting about for a concert to possibly add to the herd. It’s by no means urgent and probably not at all necessary. As you can see by my signature I’m heavy into tenor territory so a dash of concert could be a...
  11. fretie

    Artistworks Online Lessons

    Artistworks has a tempting special on pricing right now for their six month ukulele program with Craig and Sarah. I am tempted by the special deal especially now that my local ukulele ensemble can not meet to play in person and the ensemble Zoom meetups are soon going to end. I’m curious how...
  12. fretie

    Legacy Composites, Synergy Guitar - Buyer Beware!

    Legacy Composites, Synergy Guitar - Buyer Beware! A month ago, following a post here on UU about this company’s ebay listing for a carbon fibre tenor ukulele, I contacted the Ontario based company and after a few emails in which my questions about the instrument were promptly answered and after...
  13. fretie

    Klos is rocking my socks off!

    Gotta Klos at our fab Canadian Klos dealer, Westcoast Guitars in Vancouver. Hah, first time I bought a uke in a store let alone a guitar store but it was actually an awesome experience. The uke totally exceeds my expectations! Constructions is flawless, the uke is beautifully made and very...
  14. fretie

    Neck Profiles: Koaloha vs Pono

    My pal has been playing my mango Koaloha tenor and now wants to purchase a mango Pono tenor for herself. We are wondering how similar (or different) the neck profiles of these two ukes are because she does like the Koaloha and would prefer a similar neck. Of course if there was a Pono that we...
  15. fretie

    Canadian Dealer for Klos

    At this year’s Naam, the long time Vancouver store, Westcoast Guitars, became a dealer for Klos. Of course their main interest is in the Klos travel guitars however they will also be carrying the Klos tenor ukulele. Why not just buy direct from Klos, you may wonder? In buying through Westcoast...
  16. fretie

    WTB: Blackbird Clara

    I’ve got a pal on the hunt for a Blackbird Clara. She doesn’t frequent the UU forum so I thought I’d put the word out for her. If you have a Clara that you are looking to part with, PM me or email windchaser333 at gmail dot com. thanks, Erin
  17. fretie

    Your thoughts on Klos

    I’m curious about the Klos ukuleles. I am thinking that they may make a good travel uke...well, that’s rather obvious..but here’s my deal: I like to travel lightweight and find my Bruko fits the bill. However I play a heap of up the neck music these days and find I do miss the extra frets of a...
  18. fretie

    WTB: Mya Moe Tenor

    I’m hoping to find a pre 2017 Mya Moe tenor. If you have one that you are willing to sell please message me through the forum or email windchaser333ATgmailDOTcom
  19. fretie

    FT: Kamaka Tenor for Beansprout Tenor

    I know, I know, not a very likely trade but I want to at least test the waters! I’ve got a lovely August 2018 Kamaka tenor that I would like to trade for an Aaron Keim Beansprout tenor Yeah, I rarely see the Beansprout ukes up for sale but would love to snag one if someone was preferring to...
  20. fretie

    Repaired Koaloha Tenor: will it sound the same?

    Crazy days for my mango tenor Koaloha. A very long story much shortened: I lent the uke to a friend, who, while in her house, tripped and fell, hitting the uke during her descent and causing the a crack in the lower bout soundboard as well as the causing the soundboard to separate from the side...