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  1. Big_e

    Arg! I did the unthinkable!

    I did it and I hate myself for it. I trashed one of my ukes! It was my worst one. The very one that made an appearance in the! thread. I couldn't take it anymore. I salvaged the tuning gears and junked it. It...
  2. Big_e

    Post your porn

    What is your pleasure? What makes you happy? One of my pleasures is the collection of shaving items, specifically straight razors. I'll hit antique shops, ebay and gun shows. Ernest
  3. Big_e

    Post Your Christmas Trees!

    Just as the title says, I wanna see your Christmas trees or Holiday centerpiece! This is Christmas hardcore, without all the yahoo and commercialism. Let's keep beliefs out of this, lots of good people don't celebrate Christmas at all. I go first. No tree this year (too messy) but I put up my...
  4. Big_e

    Criticism Welcome!

    Criticism welcome. How can I improve? My style? strumming? I'm too loud or to quiet? I learned this from MusicTeacher2009 on YouTube. I'm using my Ohana Sopranino with Martin Clear Flourocarbons. I didn't want to post my first vid in YouTube 'cause I'm too embarrassed and just want my UU family...