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  1. Keonikapila

    Moana Chimes It's been over a year since my last video upload to YouTube, but I ended up buying a camcorder this weekend and decided to try recording something. This video was mostly a test to see if I could manage to sync two videos and audio together, I think it...
  2. Keonikapila

    The Mailman Just Dropped Off My Uu Shirts And Hoodie!!!

    ...Just thought I'd share as soon as I find my camera :D
  3. Keonikapila

    Guava Jam

    All those uke videos on the Youtube front page put me in the mood to do another video, haha...I've been meaning to redo my Guava Jam video for a long time, so I finally got around to it. Guava Jam ...I've been learning slack-key guitar for the last few weeks, and haven't been playing the uke...
  4. Keonikapila

    Bridge pins

    Howzit everybody... I just picked up a guitar not to long ago and I've been digging around on the net, looking to replace the plastic bridge pins with something "nicer"...during my search I learned that the material of the pins has an effect on the tone...(which was news to me, since I'm not...
  5. Keonikapila

    Any steel-string slack key players here?

    So I finally got around to getting a decent guitar with intention of learning slackkey...I've been toying with slack key for the last few years, but never really went to far with it because I kept buying crappy (sub-$150) guitars...anyways action and intonation issues aside, I've finally gotten...
  6. Keonikapila

    LR Baggs Element Pickup

    Well, I got an LR Baggs Element pickup installed in my KoAloha last week. Took it to a shop cuz I didn't trust myself enough to sand down the saddle to compensate for the undersaddle element (I've done it on cheaper ukes before, but didn't feel like pressing my luck on this one...haha)...
  7. Keonikapila

    In depth uke lessons

    Aloha everybody, somebody mentioned lessons in another thread and it got me thinking about taking some (again). Anyone know where to find good in-depth lessons on O'ahu? I'm looking for something that focuses more on theory than on just teaching you how to play songs. A few years back I was...
  8. Keonikapila

    Can't Help Falling In Love and the Family Guy Theme Song

    Well, I bought a cheap digital camcorder a few months ago with the intention of recording some new youtube vids...finally had some time today to sit down and get some of em going...(I had one more, but I accidentally deleted the damn thing...haha)...anyways, here they are...comments and...