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  1. mjh42

    Fishman ToneDEQ Preamp EQ/Effect and Donner Echo Square Delay For Sale

    I have a Fishman ToneDEQ Preamp 4 Band EQ-Stage DI- Dual Effects--Compressor-Boost unit for sale. Very Good to Excellent condition. All original packaging. Has really clean clear sound between your uke and your amp. 9 volt battery operation or 9 volt plug. I always used a plug. Plug NOT...
  2. mjh42

    What UKE was Jimmy Buffet playing on the PBS 4th of July Special?

    Saw Jimmy Buffet play a Fender Uke on the PBS 4th of July Special. Buffett and his friends played, "This Land is Your Land" It was plugged in and looked like it had a magnetic pickup, thus I would say steel strings?? Body looked fairly thick??? Anybody else see this and want to take a guess...
  3. mjh42

    Post and share about your pedal boards you use with your ukulele's.

    Well perhaps I've been posting in the wrong areas or maybe this area just needs a little more love. As the title says show off and tell us about what pedals or pedal board you are using with your ukulele. I'm running a Godin Mulituke into Fishman Loudbox Mini. After several years of that I...
  4. mjh42

    FS ZOOM G1XFour Mulit-Effects Processor

    For Sale--USA Only ZOOM G1XFour Multi-Effect Processor $60 Shipped Paypal G&S or USPS Money Order The Zoom G1 FOUR and G1X FOUR feature over 70 effects and amp models, looper and drum machine. Plus, access ZOOM Guitar Lab’s additional library of downloadable effects. Plug in and be amazed...
  5. mjh42

    Effects Pedals some more?? Zoom AC 3 Acoustic Creator??

    So I'm falling into the effects pedal rabbit hole! It's winter time so what else is one to do with their indoor time. I've been spending some time on the Acoustic Guitar Forum and elsewhere to do research. I'm playing a Godin Mulituke through a Fishman Loudbox mini I already have a ZoomG1X...
  6. mjh42

    For Sale or Trade

    Gold Tone Resonator For Sale or Trade Rduced SOLD Gold Tone Maple Resonator uke. Concert body tenor scale. Bought new in July 2020 from Uke Republic. Condition is very good just as I bought it. There is a slight rough spot (about 2mm) on the finish on the back. With soft case: Price...
  7. mjh42

    Resonator which one??

    I know these threads pop up now and then---which one to buy??? So I'm looking at some resonator ukuleles---concert or tenor---wood body for sure. I do like the metal resonators but having heard Del Ray play her's in concert and having played/handled wooden ones--a wood body resonator is the...
  8. mjh42

    Mardi Gras songs for the uke?

    Anybody know any Mardi Gras songs for the Ukulele?? Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday, would be nice to put out a little complimentary music.
  9. mjh42

    Fun pedals for electric ukuleles

    So I have Godin Mulituke and I usually run it through a Fishman Loudbox mini. I also sometimes (like tonight) run it through my son's Vox mini5 or even his Fender 100watt amp (lot of built in effects). Gotta have some loud fun now and then. So my question is what are some of the fun pedals...
  10. mjh42

    Need help putting cords to lyrics

    I've written two songs recently and I'm a bit clueless about putting cords with the lyrics. I can sing the songs close to the way I want them to sound but again what cords to go along?? I've got The Cord Wheel booklet I'm using some to help me, but I'm a rookie. I'm playing mostly first...
  11. mjh42

    Teton Solid Body Tenor Electric???

    There is a Teton Solid Body Electric ukulele for sale locally. Anybody have any experience with them? Of course I looked at YouTube for video and sound. Price is within the range I'm willing to spend. Just wonder about quality of the instrument and what people might think about them. Thanks...
  12. mjh42

    New Magic Fluke Solid Body

    New Magic Fluke Solid Body.....Who's going to buy one first and give us a nice review???
  13. mjh42

    New here from MN

    New guy here! I live in a household full of music makers and I felt it was high time I figured out an instrument for myself to play. I was gifted a guitar years ago overseas, found a cord book, but for the life of me if I didn't know the song in advance I couldn't figure out the right hand...