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  1. mikelz777

    Is it still UAS if you buy a uke for someone else?

    😊 😄 The someone else is my wife so it will be in the same household. My reason for buying her a uke is to re-gain exclusive use of my Ohana solid mahogany, long neck soprano which I really love. She isn't remotely as careful with it as I am and since she started using it I've discovered no...
  2. mikelz777

    Seaguar Blue Label samples - got what I wanted, thanks!

    I've been contemplating trying out some Seaguar Blue Label fluorocarbon fishing leader/line as ukulele strings and I thought it would be nice to try some out before committing to buying whole spools of line. Is there anyone out there who could send me some line? I'd be willing to pay whatever is...
  3. mikelz777

    Uke sounds very different in different environments?

    Yesterday I was quite surprised how different my uke sounded when I took it outdoors to play with some other uke players. It's a solid spruce top with laminate sides and back. Indoors and playing alone it's bright and chimes and you can really hear the sustain. It's not a boomer but the volume...
  4. mikelz777

    Would a cedar/acacia combination be similar to mahogany sound?

    I've never played a cedar uke but from what I understand, cedar has a warm sound. I was wondering if an all-solid cedar top/acacia sides&back uke would sound like or similar to an all-solid mahogany?
  5. mikelz777

    Anyone selling a Kala KA-SSLNG, spruce top long-neck soprano?

    I'm shuffling some ukes around and may be interested in a Kala KA-SSLNG which is their solid spruce top/mahogany laminate long neck soprano. I'd be hoping to find a nice deal on something in excellent condition with low action.
  6. mikelz777

    What a difference new tuners make!

    I'll start by trying to make a long story short. Years ago I spent the better part of a year searching for a limited edition uke that was rare at the time. Found one and bought it expecting it to come with open geared tuners. My heart dropped when it came with boxy gold closed gear tuners with...
  7. mikelz777

    Tenor string tension

    Is the string tension on a tenor ukulele noticeably different than on a concert or is the difference negligible? Is it more noticeable the longer session you play?
  8. mikelz777

    Playing tabs - fretting finger order?

    Is there a rule or rule of thumb about what fretting fingers play what when moving up and down the neck while playing tabs? (when not just making chord shapes) Do you just do whatever feels right or is there some kind of methodology? I'd like to learn more fingerpicking/tabs and I sometimes feel...
  9. mikelz777

    FS: Gold Tone BUC concert banjo uke/banjolele

    I've got my eye on a new ukulele which means that one of my current ukes has to go! Up for sale is a Gold Tone BUC concert banjolele. This uke has only had about 3-4 months of play. It's in excellent condition and it sounds great! It has 16 brackets to fine-tune the 8" Remo Weather King head...
  10. mikelz777

    Hot bluegrass ukulele

    Hot is right! These guys are great!
  11. mikelz777

    Changing strings and tuning up the A string. LOL!

    I was changing strings on my banjolele for the first time which is also the first time I've ever had to use a knot to hold the string at the bridge/tailpiece rather than having to tie it to the bridge. I started with a double knot on the A string but as I was tuning it up, the knot pulled...
  12. mikelz777

    Banjolele bridge question

    I am now the new owner of a banjolele for the first time and I had a question about the bridge. It was sent to me with the bridge laying down which I expected and what I believe is advised when shipping. What I wanted to know was if it is OK to leave the bridge in the upright position between...
  13. mikelz777

    WTB: concert banjo ukulele / banjolele

    I've been romancing the idea of getting a concert banjo ukulele and may nurture that into a buy if I can find the right deal. If you have a banjolele you're interested in selling I'd like to hear about it.
  14. mikelz777

    D'Addario/Planet Waves NS Ukulele Capo Pro

    I once owned a Shubb ukulele capo but I rarely used it and ended up selling it. While I still would not need a capo very often, I have found myself lately wishing I still had one for a couple of songs I've been working on. There probably isn't a capo out there that isn't obtrusive to some...
  15. mikelz777

    Any Michigan ukers here?

    This is a truly unique uke to show some state pride!
  16. mikelz777

    The Rebel: what kind of strings?

    I have a new Rebel, Double Creme, all mango, matte finish 2020 model. Does anyone know what kind of strings come on it? I'm pretty sure they are fluorocarbons but what brand? I've tried to contact the makers through their web site a couple of times but they have yet to respond.
  17. mikelz777

    WTB: aNueNue AMM2 concert

    I'm interested in your well-cared for aNueNue AMM2 concert ukulele if you're thinking of selling. :cool:
  18. mikelz777

    What should I consider? Opio? aNueNue? Something else?

    I've had the UAS tickle/itch for the better part of a year now. In that time I've been off and on ukes ranging from $50 to $600+. At first I was considering cheap to assuage my guilt at buying another uke. After thinking about that for a while it didn't make much sense and I reasoned that if I...
  19. mikelz777

    Being a uker influences how you see the world

    I was watching an episode of the Twilight Zone recently and in it was a scene where someone was knocking on a character's apartment door. Looking at the door I couldn't help but notice the striking curl of the wood grain and immediately thought of how it would make a BEAUTIFUL ukulele! :D
  20. mikelz777

    Record videos on iPhone or computer?

    I've been wanting to record videos of my singing and playing for some time now. I think it would be fun to join the Sessionistas and to record some things for my Zoom group. Do you have any tips for recording videos? I have no special equipment and no desire to spend money buying some so...