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  1. Arik

    MIDI out problem

    Hi all. Along with the Uke I play piano. I have a 2005 Yamaha P70 electric piano and want to connect it to my Focusrite Soloist interface. The piano has a MIDI out feature on the back and I got a MIDI to music cable adapter but all I get is a loud feedback buzz. Not sure if anyone has any...
  2. Arik

    NUD: KoAloha KTM-00MG

    Hi all. Just sharing my newest impulse to feed my UAS. I picked up a used KoAloha KTM-00MG mango tenor. Been bit by the Mango bug recently and was looking at the KoAloha Mango, Rebel Double Creme, or the Romero Creations Signature Mango. I really liked the mango sound samples from HMS, ULTP...
  3. Arik

    NUD: L.Luthier Le Koa tenor ukulele

    Hi all. Just wanted to share some love of a lesser-known brand L.Luthier (Malaysia). I pick up L.Luither Le Koa tenor ukulele from reverb a couple weeks ago. The brand was pretty unknown to me but I have been eyeballing it for a while due to its really great price for a Koa ukulele with a ton of...
  4. Arik

    NUD: Kimo Custom Super Tenor Mood Spruce/Koa

    NUD: Kimo Custom Super Tenor Moon Spruce/Koa Hi all. Just wanted to share a new creation that I just got from Hank Johnson of Kimo Ukuleles. The is my second custom super tenor from Hank and this one came out gorgeous. We went with a Moon Spruce Bear Claw top and 4A Koa for the back and sides...
  5. Arik

    FS: Kanile'a KSE-T Slot Head

    Selling my Kanile’a KSE-T. This ukulele has some nice curly koa. What is unique about this ukulele is that it has a slotted headstock (thick). Had an LR baggs Five.O pick-up installed and comes with an Oahu hard case. Recently strung up with Worth CT with high G tuning. This uke has the Tru...
  6. Arik

    FS: Koaloha KTM-25 #135

    Hi all. Selling my Koaloha KTM-25. Sold a few ukes on here and the uke is in mint condition. Purchased the uke from the Uke Republic back in July 2020 so it's just a couple of months old. Had an L.R Baggs Five.O installed by Gryphon Strings ($275) and purchased a Kala ABS case ($110) for the...
  7. Arik

    NUD: Kimo Custom Super Tenor Redwood/Rosewood

    Hi all. Super excited about this new uke. Just wanted to give a shout out to Hank Johnson at Kimo Ukulele's ( This guy is awesome, super patient, and a master luthier. This is my first custom uke and wanted a redwood top ukulele. Doing a custom is harder then it looks. Orig...
  8. Arik

    NUD: Koaloha KTM-25 Silver Series

    Hi all. Just wanted to share my latest addition, A Koaloha KTM-25#135 Silver tenor. I actually got it last Friday but I have a new 5 mth old baby, so my human child takes precedence over my ukulele children. I have been wanting a Koaloha for years now but never manage to pull the trigger on...
  9. Arik

    FS: Pono Baritone Ukulele Spruce/Acacia Slot head

    Selling my Pono Baritone (ABSH-SP) Spruce/Acacia Slot head ukulele. This ukulele is in great condition and well taken care of. This uke was picked up from HMS. There is just some slight discoloration on the nut bone and bridge bone. Not sure why this is. The ukulele comes restrung with...
  10. Arik

    Playing Low G

    Hey all, I recently restrung my uke with a Freemont Soloist low G. I love the sound and it really gives the uke some depth with the lower notes. Its my 1st time stringing low G and the songs that I jam to don't sound quite right. Anyone have any tips for a newby to the low G?
  11. Arik

    I'm a senior member!

    Alright after 7 years I now officially a senior member!!:rock: Does that mean uke retirement is on the horizon? :confused:
  12. Arik


    Just received my Kala ZTP-CTG (exclusive) ukulele. I was initially looking to get the Kala KA-ATP-CTG as a uke to keep at work. I was looking for one and saw this ukulele site exclusive. Features (10 of 10) I have to say it is beautiful and the gloss finish is gorgeous! The uke is much lighter...
  13. Arik

    Anyone have a Lanikai S-TEQ? Have a question about its volume

    Hi ya'll, Just reaching out to anyone that has a Lanikai S-TEQ (Solid Spruce Top, laminate mahogany back/sides) because I wanted a second opinion on the ukes "loudness" and ability to project. I bought my daugther a used Lanikai S-TEQ a couple years ago off craigslist for a pretty great deal...
  14. Arik

    Solid top ukulele opening up?

    Hey all, This might be a dumb question but do solid top and laminate back/sides ukuleles open up after time? I have a couple solid ukes (Kamaka and Pono) and there opened up (breaking in) beautifully after some time. Reason I'm asking is that I recently got a Kala KA-ZTP-CTG (HMS Ziricote...
  15. Arik

    Electric Drum Set

    Not sure if this is a dumb question to be posting on a Ukulele forum site but I was wondering if anyone could recommend a electric drum set for my brother. He has been watching us jam and he wants to get involved. The ukulele was just not for him but he has always wanted a drum set. Any...