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  1. pritch

    Who knew the Queen was a George Formby fan?
  2. pritch

    How to install Southcoast LML-WB strings ?

    Wound strings can be tied different at the bridge if you wish. There is a simpler option, not that the standard tie is difficult.
  3. pritch

    Bridges made of wood?

    Looking at photographs of vintage Martin ukulele and those made by makers who follow the tradition: Timms and others, it would appear that the nut and bridge are fabricated from wood? There have been discussions hereabout recommending replacing plastic nuts and/or bridges with items made from...
  4. pritch

    Hi from New Zealand

    G'day y'all, When contemplating retirement the thought occurred that I should have both a physical fitness program and some sort of mental exercise. Walking and cycling took care of the former and I decided to renew my acquaintance with the guitar and learn to play that. Everything was...