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  1. mjh42

    Risa electric ukes

    The Risa instruments were pretty high on my list when I went looking for an electric uke. Mim's carries them regularly. I decided I wanted a more nylon string sound and when a Godin presented itself at a good price I bought that and have never looked back. Risa is a top shelf steel string...
  2. mjh42

    Ukulele/ Bluegrass festival?

    I've been to the event several times now. Even staying at the venue so I don't have to deal with travel time.....maybe a whole 25 minutes or so one way. I bring most of my food to keep the expenses reasonable to me. The venue food is fine...just takes a little more time to have someone help...
  3. mjh42

    "Having" vs. "Wanting"...

    I have all the uke's I might ever really need, unless something got totally broken, stolen, destroyed. I do have a craving every once in a while.......but the "want's" are priced such that while attainable.......might not be the best best use of my I move onto some other fancy...
  4. mjh42

    KoAloha's New Tuners

    Looks as if KoAloha and other manufactures switch around their tuners with some frequency and that the buying public certainly has their opinions, likes and dislikes. My KoAloha tenor from a few years back has the black KoAloha branded closed geared tuners with the black knobs. They have...
  5. mjh42

    Price increases

    Cost increases everywhere.....recently bought a new used car.......found the window sticker in the glove compartment.........used price was higher that original sticker price.....very low miles on the vehicle so glad about that and still less cost than new........if the dealer has it on the...
  6. mjh42

    Any tips for pedal connection sequence? Electric ukulele

    Knowing which pedals you have would be helpful. I put my equalizer pre amp first---it has a built in tuner other wise I'd put a tuner first......then overdrive......then delay and other ambient pedals---reverb last......if I have a looper or rhythm type pedal I will put those after the reverb...
  7. mjh42

    Magic Flea sound

    The first time I really noodled around with a Flea was on a poorly lit porch on a dark autumn evening......hard to see the dark fretboard......I went with a wood fret board and a solid top with I got my regrets....
  8. mjh42

    Semi-hollow electric vs acoustic / electric

    I think the Godin Multiuke qualifies as a semi-hollow body but with a sold top and no real sound holes I'd say it plays more like a solid body instrument. The sound unplugged is living room acceptable. In a public setting or with a group not likely loud enough. Plugged it the instrument...
  9. mjh42

    Is it still UAS if you buy a uke for someone else?

    A Magic Fluke uke might be more in line with the durability and sound quality that you want. But it will come at a higher price point. Or as mentioned your spouse continues to play the Ohana and you get something else to replace your lost Ohana.... Best of luck in maintaining marital and...
  10. mjh42

    Is it still UAS if you buy a uke for someone else?

    If it's in the same household then yes..........its UAS.........keep tellen' yourself it's for her......;) Nice to have a knock about uke that you can hand off to the casual or beginner player........ And being in the same household you know they are not likely to get carried away forever.......
  11. mjh42

    Post and share about your pedal boards you use with your ukulele's.

    ikimiki, yes the Smolder and Soul Food both are overdrives. I'm no expert but if one looks on line one can watch all kinds of video on all kinds of overdrives. One can increase the sound, thicken the sound, send the amp speaker into distortion and likely more than I can explain. Depending...
  12. mjh42

    Post and share about your pedal boards you use with your ukulele's.

    Todays configuration. Still looking for light gain transparent overdrive. Perhaps a J Rocket Audio Designs Blue Note or a Mythos Mjolnir (Wildwood Edition Preferred) No super rush. The carbon copy mini went on the board today. Just a simple quality analogue delay that should last a long time.
  13. mjh42

    Post and share about your pedal boards you use with your ukulele's.

    Brad I appreciate you bringing up the Line 6HX and the link. Read your review. Your final points at the end is spot on for what I've read about the Line 6 elsewhere. People like the Line 6 for all the reasons you state and don't like it for all the same reasons. I first tried a ZOOM multi...
  14. mjh42

    Fishman ToneDEQ Preamp EQ/Effect and Donner Echo Square Delay For Sale

    I have a Fishman ToneDEQ Preamp 4 Band EQ-Stage DI- Dual Effects--Compressor-Boost unit for sale. Very Good to Excellent condition. All original packaging. Has really clean clear sound between your uke and your amp. 9 volt battery operation or 9 volt plug. I always used a plug. Plug NOT...
  15. mjh42

    I can see the desire for more than one

    That's all part of the issue. The four I own are all unique and have their sound, size, place and what not. I'm sure I could add a couple of more that were equally in different categories. But at some point the overlap becomes a diminishing return and less playing of any one instrument. Why...
  16. mjh42

    I can see the desire for more than one

    4's the magic number for me. Any more and it would be hard to get around to playing them all. I get the one for low and one for high G and that's enough. If I were to buy another uke I might have to get rid of one that I already have and I'm not ready to let anyone of them go right now. I...
  17. mjh42

    Gretsch G9112 Resonator - REVIEW

    Thanks for the Review. Well there is the Kala, the Gold Tone, the Sound Smith, Bondi, and Gretsch making wood bodied resonators in a similar price range. I've heard all of them either in person or on line except the Bondi which I just found online today. Perhaps there are one or two brands...
  18. mjh42

    How do you store your extra strings?

    I've got this nice Praline tin from New Orleans. I also try to have a extra set with me when I leave the house either in the case or music bag.
  19. mjh42

    Strap Pros and Cons?

    Strap or no strap, play your own uke........ Two of mine have straps......two of mine do not...... Most of my playing is in a seated position. I pretty much only use the concert uke with the strap on. As with the tenor the strap does not fit attached in the case so at home I don't strap it on.
  20. mjh42

    Post and share about your pedal boards you use with your ukulele's.

    I was just playing with my Godin and pedal board just a little while ago. I switched out the ToneDEQ with the Platinum Pro after work today. Nothing wrong with the ToneDEQ. I may keep it as a stand alone easy to take out and use kind of tool with some extra effects build in. I may sell it...