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    Not a banjo, not a banjolele but a banjo-cavaco (I suppose a hybrid of a cavaquinho and a banjo)
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    ukulele hot picking

    Check this out
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    my post gets truncated

    I tried to post a message with an embedded video an a url link. Everything got truncated, including the title. Only the 3 first letters appeared in the message
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    Vitti 'na crozza

    Vitti 'na crozza A very popular Sicilian song The song was a leitmotiv of Pietro Germi's movie "Il cammino della speranza." In 1950, Pietro was in Sicily to start filming his movie. One day at Favara, where shooting was taking place, a miner, Giuseppe Cibardo Bisaccia recited to Germi a folk...
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    Berry Bushes

    Check this kid out! Louis Walker Phipps performs his original song "Berry Bushes"
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    no ukulele in the band

    The Troubadours
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    I found a score here: I typeset a ukulele tablature based on the treble part.
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    Now Is the Month of Maying by Thomas Morley (1557-1602) 3-part instrumental arrangement for baroq-ulele, mandolin and tenor guitar The baroq-ulele is tuned in GDAE, same as mandolins, but in single strings (Aquila). It's taking the lead in the first and last parts.
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    Congolese soukous

    I had a lot of fun jamming with these guys strumming these chords: A D E Those who have problems with the E chords can play G C D and use a capo on the 2nd fret
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    retractable ukulele

    Pretty clever good for travel, but its sound is rather thin
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    ukulele flame thrower

    This guy adapted the idea of the flamethrower guitar from the Mad Max movie.
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    a message to Recstar24

    trying to delete this post
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    brian's huge chord list

    perhaps someone already mentioned it but I just stumbled upon this web site: Thought that would interest a few ukers
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    Andy Irvine's Facing The Chair chords needed

    I have the lyrics for ``Facing the Chair'' by Andy Irvine (on his Patrick Street #2 album). I couldn't find the chords for this song. If anybody who knows that song has the chords or could figure them out, could they please post them? Thanks --- By the way, if anybody's interested I have a few...
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    any info on nyc uke festival 2014?

    Anyone knows what's happening with the New York Ukelele festival this year? Couldn't find any information on whether it was going to happen or not.
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    ohana sk 21M tuning peg

    on my ohana sk 21M sopranino ukele the tuning peg of the E string don't stay blocked. Each time I tune it to E it goes back to D or D# right away.
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    chords or tab for 'Yum Yum Blues'

    Does anybody have the chords or a tab for 'Yum Yum Blues' (Clayton McMichen & the Georgia Wildcats)?
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    replacing my first ukulele

    My first ukulele is a soprano Lanikai. It was pretty good for learning. However after a few months of practicing I feel the need to get a better instrument. I saw some that looked nice (from the description) on the internet but I'd rater buy from a store (so that I can test it). In New York city...
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    ukulele version of 'Off to California' (Irish hornpipe)?

    I used to play Off to California (an Irish hornpipe) on the guitar (with a pick). I was wondering if there was a ukulele version somewhere on the web. I saw mandolin versions, fiddle versions, but so far haven't found any uke version. Since I use the highest 4 strings (DGBE) of the guitar I...
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    searching chords for ``O'Brien Is Tryin' to Learn to Talk Hawaiian''

    I have the lyrics for this song. I even found an interpretation by Horace Wright in 1917 also a couple of ukulele versions and a guitar version but I can't figure out the chords just by watching these videos Anybody have the chords?