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  1. J

    Need Tab/Help with Ebb Tide

    I cannot figure out how to pm you on here. Do you know how?
  2. J

    Need Tab/Help with Ebb Tide

    Can someone help me with Ebb Tide? I have the single note melody to the song but cannot seem to find or fit in the correct chords. I think there is some minor chords and diminished chords in the song.
  3. J

    Tuning up

    Thank you, I will try those strings when I change them.
  4. J

    Scales, Melody, Lead Playing

    I understand what you said but I am still at a loss as to what to do with the scale. If I play the melody notes of the song and whenever there is a note longer than an 8th or quarter note, what do I do, play some of the scale to fill in? Is that how it is...
  5. J

    Scales, Melody, Lead Playing

    So I would just play notes of the C Major Scale..CDEFGABC over the entire song making up a new melody so to speak or does one still play the melody notes plus the scale notes or just the scale notes?
  6. J

    Tuning up

    I recently changed strings on my Tenor using Aquila Strings, New Nylgut High G. The strings felt to stiff/tight and had no sustain. I usually drop the tuning a full step, 2 frets down, however, this time I had to tune all the way down to dGBE. My Tenor is a...
  7. J

    Moving the forum today!

    Surprised me. . . . but if all is for the better - GREAT. Maybe now we can get a spot for just Guitalele's, hint, hint.
  8. J

    Scales, Melody, Lead Playing

    Thank you for replying. I play piano and read music so I always know what key I am in. I also understand the circle of fifths. I know if, for example I am playing in Key of C that all of the possible chords are C Dm Em F G7 Am Bdim. What I do not understand is...
  9. J

    Scales, Melody, Lead Playing

    Excuse me, but on this subject I am at a lost, maybe dumb. The three subjects I mentioned above complete confuse me. How does one use scales to play a melody? I was taught on non string instruments to play the single note melody - classical - I started out as a...
  10. J

    Tuning up

    I read in several threads where one tunes up higher than standard tuning for their instrument. What is the purpose of tuning up? I would think that that would put too much tension on the bridge and maybe pull it loose. Educate me please.
  11. J

    8 String Baritone - UAS Attack

    UAS has struck again. Please tell me all the bad and the good about 8 string baritone ukuleles. How much harder to play, fret, if any then a 4 string? Are they the same scale and nut width? Anything you can think of would be appreciated. Thank you
  12. J

    How to ply more than just single note melody?

    I can strum with most chords, love finger picking, and I can play most songs picking out a single note melody if I know the song well. Now to play embellishments and scales and what ever to fill in and dress up a single note melody - That is the question. What...
  13. J

    Finger Picking--Strumming-Chord Melody, etc.

    I have been curious for a long time as to how many just strum, how many play only finger pick patterns, and how many play the melody notes, and how many play chord melodies. I am sure some players can play all. I am mostly interested in how many just go for only...
  14. J

    Fretboard abd Body Oil

    What kind of oil should I use on the fret board of my baritone ukulele? What kind of oil should I use on the body of the ukulele? Thank you, johnnysmash
  15. J

    Fingernails, Cut or File

    I trim my nails regularly and most of the time my fingers hurt for four or five days afterwards when I play. I use flesh and fingernails only when playing. No pick of any kind. I tried cutting less of the fingernail but this is hard to control and I still get problems...
  16. J

    Want To Know About PONO Ukulele W/Wire Strings

    I have heard of Pono Ukuleles slightly larger than a Baritone Ukulele and smaller then a Tenor Guitar with steel strings. Please give me all of the pros and cons. I think the bug has bitten me.
  17. J

    Confused about Humidity

    I have never really understood this thing about ukulele and humidity. So I am posting today to see if what I think is correct or not. I think if one lives in a tropical part of the world, hot and humid that there is no need to worry. However, if one lived in a cold...
  18. J

    Riffs/Licks for E minor Pentatonic Scale

    I am looking for what I can download and practice. Not videos. For the E minor Pentatonic scale. Can any one give me a reference to where I can find this information. Sheet music or TABS.For Ukulele or guitar.
  19. J

    What Guitalele should I buy?

    I read where some guitalele's are tenor size and some are baritone size. I have a 17 inch scale tenor ukulele. My GL-1 Yamaha Guitalele also has a 17 inch scale.. I want a guitalele with the same scale as my 20 inch scale baritone ukulele. What guitalele should I buy?
  20. J

    Chord Chart up the neck

    Can some one give me a link to a chord chart that shows all of the chords that are played up the neck? TIA johnny smash