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  1. Lori

    Introducing Uke Leash 2

    News for Uke Leash customers! Thanks to you, I have had to replenish my supplies many times since 2010. When I buy the buckles, I buy in large quantities to get the best prices. On previous occasions, I was able to find a distributor in the USA. This time, I could not find a quality buckle...
  2. Lori

    New Chocolate Brown Leather Uke Leash

    Hi All I am offering a new color for the Uke Leash Brown Leather... it is Chocolate Brown. This is to replace the discontinued Red-Brown leather color that I usually offered. I still have shorter red-brown pieces left if anybody needs additional headstock straps to match their red-brown Uke...
  3. Lori

    New Original Happy Cat Uke T-Shirt by Uke Leash!

    On the opening of my new webstore design, I have some new items including these cute Ukulele t-shirts. Here is the link to the new store home page. The old store is still connected at the moment to the main...
  4. Lori

    Uke Leash Special Limited Edition Printed Straps!

    Hi All I have just redone my web store, and added some new items. First of all, I am offering printed Polyester straps for the first time. There is only a small run of each of these designs, and the process was not as precise as I would have liked, so I may not do these designs again unless they...
  5. Lori

    Strap Suggestions?

    You can use the Uke Leash like the Hug Strap, but without the metal hardware, and with plastic quick release buckles. –Lori
  6. Lori

    Print patterns on straps- VOTE

    I am going to test out some prints for my half inch wide Uke Leash straps, and would like to see what you like before I spend the money on new original prints. Let me know if you like any of these, or if you have any suggestions for prints or colors. Remember, it should work for a half inch wide...
  7. Lori

    Uke Leash Anniversary 20% discount!!

    Hi all! Just realized that today is the Uke Leash's 6th anniversary of it's first web store order! Since you kind and helpful folks have been so supportive, I am offering a special 20% discount code to celebrate the event. Use the coupon code: ukeleash2016UU in the shopping cart. Offer expires...
  8. Lori

    Fitting a strap to a Fluke

    There is a loop at the base of the neck for a lanyard. You might try running a boot lace through it. I use a Uke Leash on my concert neck Flea. No button needed. –Lori
  9. Lori

    Headstock dropping

    Headstock strap can be positioned so it doesn't interfere with the tuning keys. See photo from Uke Leash manual. In my experience, this has worked very well on both types of tuners. –Lori
  10. Lori

    Westside Ukulele Ensemble November 14, Westwood CA

    Saturday, November 14th at 2:00 pm our group, the Westside Ukulele Ensemble will be performing with The Harvard Yardbirds. The Harvard Yardbirds are an a capella singing group, and the Westside Ukulele Ensemble plays instrumentally in parts (no singing). We will perform at the Westwood...
  11. Lori

    amplifying ukes (do we need a DI Box?)

    I know that there has been a lot of really great help here on how to amplify ukuleles for performances. Our group has been researching the subject, and are trying to get all the pieces figured out. We need to cover 8-10 instruments and 2 vocals. Each uke player is going to figure out how they...
  12. Lori

    Live Streaming Video of Santa Monica Ukulele Festival

    April 18, 2015 The Santa Monica Ukulele Festival is going to be streaming live video. Westside Ukulele Ensemble will be playing from 2:30- 3:00pm PDT. –Lori
  13. Lori

    Osteoarthritis and Uke playing- your stories

    I know we have a great forum here, and figure there are a lot of you out there that have personal experience dealing with Osteoarthritis and uke playing. I am not having too much pain at the moment, but I'm more concerned with Range of Motion and a left pinky finger that doesn't bend anymore due...
  14. Lori

    Mainland Concert Banjo Uke with case - SOLD

    Mainland Concert Banjo Uke with case $280 + shipping/ insurance (about 7 lbs) by US Postal Service (approx. $25 for Continental US). Pick -up available in the Los Angeles area. I am selling my Mahogany Mainland Concert Banjo Uke. Originally purchased to develop a design for a Uke Leash Banjo...
  15. Lori

    Hyatt commercial features ukulele

    Just saw this Hyatt commercial with a ukulele featured.
  16. Lori

    Move over Eleuke... It is Teton Time!

    I am using the Apple ones ($29 USD) This is what they look like plugged in, and here is what the plug end looks like. So, I am plugged in at the Uke for the headphones, and then can still send a signal out to...
  17. Lori

    Move over Eleuke... It is Teton Time!

    change out the battery I have had my Teton since Monday, and I am very happy with it so far. At first I was getting some pops, and a little birdlike squeal every so often, but Mim suggested removing the battery and then putting it back in. That helped, but what really fixed it was getting a new...
  18. Lori

    Instrumental Happy New Year

    Auld Lang Syne on ukulele (low G tuning on long neck soprano) Arrangement by R. Ruthen (pdfminstrel) Happy New Year UU! –Lori
  19. Lori

    Light Tension Strings for Elderly Student

    I just started giving private ukulele lessons to an 88 year old man. He has a brand new Cordoba Tenor uke, with Aquila strings on it. He is at the very, very beginning, with no music experience whatsoever. So, our first lesson was about the very basics. He is not used to playing stringed...
  20. Lori

    Uke Market Crashes!

    Other breaking news from their home page "Greeks apologise with huge horse –Lori