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    How do I turn off "New profile Posts"

    The "New Profile Posts" appear at the bottom of the "What's New" screen. How do I block them from view?
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    Wanted: Pre-beveled Nut Stock

    I can't seem to find nut material that has the 45-degree bevel already cut. I'm OK cutting string slots, but not equipped for the bevel. The premade ones are all 35mm wide or less, or not tall enough - none of my ukes are that narrow. I'm looking for several (6-10 pieces) that are 7mm (h) x...
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    Flight TUS-35E BK

    Does anyone here own a Flight TUS-35E BK? How do they sound plugged in? While not a pro player, I am well-versed in amplifiers and PA systems and so enjoy tinkering with amplifying ukuleles.
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    Rondo's Hadean Bass - Woods and Strings

    I'm looking for simple clear bass tones and have no interest in making "twangy-poppy" sounds - think walking bass lines. The UKB-23 (and 23FH) are Walnut. From reviews I've seen and heard, walnut seems better when finger picked as I would do with bass (albeit in slow motion) but get muddled...
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    A question for Seasonistas - re: USB mics

    I'lll be using a MS Surface 3 running Win 10 because that is what I have. The camera is acceptable, but the internal mic is not. I do not want to get into a preamp or mixer at this point, so just a PC and a USB-powered mic. I do have Audacity. The Blue Yeti gets good reviews. Any other...
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    How do you determine that your current instrument is holding you back?

    This was prompted by the recent "should I buy an expensive ukulele or stay in the gap" thread. This has to do with a ukulele's playability and whether I need to move on, or up. - - - The first bit of advice given here when it's NUD is to "get a setup." Easy to say, but I agree that every...
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    Hadean Bass Uke UKBE-22 Long Scale Bass? -Requesting a review

    Has anyone owned, or played, the solid body Hadean Bass Uke UKBE(E, or N)-22 Long (23") Scale Bass? I am seriously considering purchase, but have no way to "test drive" one. I saw that Kohanmike recently sold one; perhaps he can offer a description of how it felt/played. -Wiggy
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    Manhasset Stand with Dual Ukulele Hanger

    String Swing Mic Stand Twin Ukulele BCC04TWN-UK I added a 5-1/2" PVC sleeve around the top tube to protect the instruments when a heavy book (like the Daily Ukulele) causes the top to slide down. This hanger also works great on an Atlas mic stand. A section of a "pool noodle" covers the...
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    Low G on a Flight Travel Soprano

    I tune my sopranos GDAE, same pitch as violin and mandolin. I have had good success with a Caramel CS419, which sounds great plugged in, and a "non-tattoo" Luna Pineapple. I use a D'Addario .028w for low G. I'm looking at a Flight Travel uke as an all-weather player. My concern is whether a...
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    Acoustic-Electric Cable Tie mount Location

    Does sticking the cable tie mount on the underside of the soundboard change the sound? I ask because I have 3 A/E (under saddle pickup) ukes by the same manufacturer. All 3 have the anchor attached this way. They sound fine the just way they are, but why don't they attach it to the side so...
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    Tenor with Excessive Body Resonance at G

    I have a new Kala KA-SSEM-T. It has a solid Spruce top. I have it strung low G. There is a pronounced body resonance at low G that is quite out of balance with the rest of the strings. If I "tap" on the body while muting the stings, it respond with a G tone (kind of like a bongo drum)...
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    Baffled by Diminished Chords

    I am at my memory's limit for learning new chord shapes. Because one key's diminished sounds very similar to another's dominant 7, I would likely try to use a 7 as a substitute wherever it "works," as I already know those shapes. Example: When the music wants a Fdim, what x7 do I try instead...
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    Sticky Fingers

    I guess I'm a little weird, but I wash my hands with soap constantly. Not related, but I am also a DJ and carry a damp wash cloth in a plastic baggie to wipe off my sweaty or sticky fingers. Those shows are 4-5 hours non-stop. I do not play instruments professionally; just for my own...