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    Walnut and Cherry Carved Tenor

    I made this carved body tenor as a birthday gift for my brother. It is inspired (obviously) by the work of Dave Iriguchi. I strung it Low G because my brother is a guitar player and re-entrant tunings throw his brain for a loop. I'm really pleased with how it plays and sounds. I finished it...
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    Twin Tenors

    I just finished these twin tenors. I built these two as close to identical as I could, except for the soundboard bracing pattern, as an experiment to see: 1. How close to the same I could get them and 2. How the difference in bracing would impact the sound. There's not as much difference in...
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    Makeshift Go Bar Deck

    Sometimes when the shop is too cold, you just have to bring it inside and improvise a little...
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    Deceptive Wax Coating

    I recently got a granadillo turning blank. The block looked really nice. It was a deep, dark, rich brown color that I thought would work great for some fretboards and bridges. As these things often are, it was coated in a nice thick coat of wax. After scraping that all off, it still looked...
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    First Batch Completed

    I just finished my first batch of ukes. I have made a few over the past couple years, but this time I made 4 together in a batch. As I'm learning, I try to implement something new on each instrument that I'm building. Working on multiple at a time was definitely a learning experience in and of...
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    Basic setup and maintenance/repair ideas

    I am going to be leading a workshop at my local ukulele festival next month. I will be covering basic setup principles as well as some simple maintenance and common repairs. I have a good list of the basics that I want to cover (setting action, dressing frets, adjusting friction tuner tension...
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    Worn Out Martin Strings

    I recently tried out some Martin M600 fluorocarbon strings on a new ukulele. I noticed that they are getting terribly worn down, particularly at the 2nd and 3rd fret of the A string. Photo 1 Photo 2 I'm not surprised about the location of the wear, given how frequently those positions are...
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    Sophomore Effort: Cherry, Walnut and Maple Concert

    Just finished my second acoustic ukulele. Cherry top, back and sides Maple neck Walnut fretboard, binding, bridge and tuners. Corian nut and saddle. I learned a lot from my first build and this one came out with a much clearer voice. I'm quite pleased with it. Hmmm... What to try next???
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    First Acoustic Build

    About a year ago, I had the idea to try building a solid body Les Paul style ukulele. It turned out pretty good and, well needless to say, I was hooked. After a couple more solid body builds, a couple tahitian style, and a strumstick style acoustic, I finally got up the courage to try a full on...