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  1. Wildestcat

    Zero fret

    Gypsy Jazz eh! Check out Fylde Guitars Remi Harris Signature model ... Roger Bucknall has used zero frets exclusively for his entire illustrious career of building some of the best acoustic guitars for some of the best players on this planet!
  2. Wildestcat

    My latest batch of Concert Ukes

    Beautiful Paul!
  3. Wildestcat

    Ebony fretboards

    Every picture tells a story ...
  4. Wildestcat

    MISI / LR Baggs string balance

    No, I didn't extend the hole in the far end right down through the top. only enough to retain the transducer end. It is angled, so no problem to drill right through, it's just the hassle of re-threading the transducer that puts me off for now. I should have added that the saddle does meet the...
  5. Wildestcat

    Converting lumber - the ultimate high

    Just an update on the fish cutting bandsaw blades I mentioned earlier: As an alternative to the no longer available 1/2" fastcut blade I'm very pleased with them - results are at least as good if not better. I've just cut 6 x concert/tenor sets of English walnut plus 6 sapele neck blanks from...
  6. Wildestcat

    MISI / LR Baggs string balance

    I've just installed a MISI/Baggs pickup in a tenor at my customers request. The MISI has been installed exactly per the instructions, even down to the slight angle on the bottom of the (correctly fitting) saddle, and the slight extension of the end of the transducer into the end of the slot...
  7. Wildestcat

    What type/style clamps do you use when seating a ukulele bridge?

    There is a fitted caul inside the instrument retained by rare earth magnets, which I had removed when the photo was taken to improve access for cleaning up any glue squeezeout. The deep throat G clamps are from Axminster in the UK, though not sure they still stock them. The top caul has...
  8. Wildestcat

    Screen format problem. ( continued from the 16-32 sander thread below)

    My view of the UU forum on my PC has defaulted to this: Very grateful for any assistance in getting back to the old version! I have posted this from my Android phone which still has the original format and from which I can still post pictures! Both versions I now realise are "VBulletin"...
  9. Wildestcat

    Useful tools

    Or if you have a Black & Decker workmate or similar, here is another possibility to consider:
  10. Wildestcat

    back of the headstock ideas please

    It is actually roughed out to within a millimetre of final dimension - the picture was taken with a finished neck inserted for the photo. Two or three passes through the sander taking off a minimal amount with a 120 grit sleeve is all it takes. Maybe the volute I leave under the nut end is...
  11. Wildestcat

    back of the headstock ideas please

    Bandsaw close to finished thickness, then bobbin sander with fence clamped to the table. The top face is finished flat with a handplane and sanding board beforehand. Sorry the picture is a bit out of focus, but you get the idea!
  12. Wildestcat

    Pic's of where you live

    Chirk canal aqueduct and railway viaduct just down the road from me.
  13. Wildestcat

    A different kind of Jet drum sander problem!

    Sorted! I've bypassed the switch on the back of the PCB. I'm not recommending this as a solution since it means the conveyor is always running, but since I power it through the outlet socket on my dust extractor it means the extractor keeps running as well, so I'm unlikely to forget and leave it...
  14. Wildestcat

    A different kind of Jet drum sander problem!

    This time with my relatively new 16-32, a machine which I have otherwise been extremely pleased with. Whilst adjusting the conveyor belt speed with no load on the belt, the conveyor suddenly stopped and would not re-start. Operating the speed controller/on/off knob revealed that the on/off...
  15. Wildestcat

    Gluing on the back method; Go Bar Deck, big rubber bands or something else?

    You would need to add threaded inserts to your mold, but here is the method I picked up from Pete:
  16. Wildestcat

    rosette questions

    I'm making a couple of sopranos for a friends grandchildren, and for the first time had a senior moment during the thicknessing process and forgot to stop at 3mm to insert the simple BWB rosette. The tops were at 1,6 mm finished thickness, but I gave it a go and it all worked out OK. The channel...
  17. Wildestcat

    5 String Baritone - advice on string spacing

    I've been asked to build a 5-string baritone with octave strings on the D. I've never attempted octave paired strings before, and would be very grateful for advice on what gap I should be aiming for between the inner faces of the paired strings at the bridge. Is the gap normally maintained...
  18. Wildestcat

    Minwax finishes - water borne vs spirit based?

    A year or two ago I was lucky enough to find a can of spirit-based Minwax Wipe-on Satin Poly on I suspect it was listed there in error, because it was dispatched from the USA at very low postage cost. It's a finish I really like, but sadly it has all gone. I've been searching for...
  19. Wildestcat

    Fret slot depth?

    I recently built myself a sled for the table saw using a 0.6mm blade from a German supplier - much cheaper in the UK than buying from the USA. I'll dig out the details if anyone is interested. I use non-standard scale lengths, so cut my own templates using the Hosco 0.6mm fret slot saw I had...
  20. Wildestcat

    The Two Baritones

    Well it makes a change from The Three Tenors! I'll try again with the photos ... and another failure as even though I rotated the originals, they are still coming out sideways:( Can anyone help sort this out? The camera was in portrait mode for the shots but the pictures view in landscape on...