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    How would you make a ukulele sound like an electric guitar?

    As a thought experiment, assuming you have a basic piezo-pickup uke, a basic amp with no onboard effects, and £/$100 to spend, what pedals would you buy and why. (Background - I've been messing around with some pedals to use with my TangleWood Electro-acoustic tenor and really enjoying it. It...
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    Communicate with your members

    Is there any plan to communicate at all with the forum members who can't post? If you wanted to kill a forum, I'm struggling to think of a better way to do that than by blocking the users who pay you a subscription - who are likely to be your most active participants - (as well as a few other...
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    Fender Acoustasonic 15 or SubZero Acoustic 25W?

    I'm after an inexpensive amp (closer to £50 than £100 preferably). I just took delivery of a Blackstar ID:Core 10W which is very nice but doesn't pack as much punch as I would like when producing a clean signal. On review the 2 amps in the title look like they meet the criteria. Has anyone...
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    Lots of people can't post on the forum- is this being looked into?

    I posted before about how I have had to create this new account because my old account isn't working properly since the new software was implemented. I've just been contacted by another user who is suffering the same problem. Coupled with the fact quite a few people have done the same thing as...
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    Which Effect Pedals Do You Use?

    I'm interested in trying out a bit of amplification and I'd love to know what pedals other players are messing around with, and what people would consider the essential pedals. I guess I'm thinking about 2 groups of pedals - first, the group that help boost the natural sound of the ukulele, and...
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    Difference between cheap and expensive piezo pick ups?

    Hi all - I was considering installing a passive under-saddle piezo pick up on a ukulele, and wondered if anyone had any info on the differences between the cheap and the expensive options? I've struggled for info, but piezo science seems firmly established, and I can't see anything to suggest...
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    I can't post using my old account

    I have tried posting sing my old account (GF1) since the forum update but all my posts (dating back to 26 August) say " This message is awaiting moderator approval, and is invisible to normal visitors." Is anyone else experiencing this?