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    My original title was Kanile’a vs Kiwaya/Famous brand. It cut off somehow. Does one own both brands? I only have the Famous soprano and the neck and flat and wide. I heard Kanile’a also has a wider nuts. Is it flat? How are they compared with each other?
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    String Snap PTSD

    The strings on my two expensive ukes snapped because they are too thin. Now my kamaka pineapple has a hole and cocobolo soprano has a white dent which is very obvious on the red cocobolo wood. Soooooo depressed! Now I
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    Ring Finger? Or not

    I’m learning finger picking recently. What I noticed is that some players use thumb on G and C strings, index finger on E string and middle finger on A string ( something called PIMA system from classical guitar? Feel free to correct me ) I usually use my thumb on G string, Index on C, middle on...
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    Strum Melody - Strumming Pattern

    When I strum chords and sing, I am able to naturally come up with a pattern and sing along. When I play melodies using strums, not fingerpick,( songs like 12 street rag, Crazy G), how can I decide on the strumming pattern? The tab consists of full 4 notes on each beat if that makes sense. So I...
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    What brands makes sopranios besides ohana

    I have only seen Ohana has a nice range of sopraninos. Do other brands make them too? Especially the more “prestige” brands like 4Ks?
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    NUD: KoAloha Koa Concert. Unpopular opinion?

    I just received my most expensive Uke so far two days ago. I have been playing with it for 2-3 days and have changed the strings twice. Currently it has Worth brown MB as shown. First impression: Very light, almost plastic feels Flawless finish, no bubbles no scratches It reminds me of the...
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    Help: Koaloha Long Neck Pineapple vs. Concert Factory Second

    I know these aren’t really the same beasts but they are very close IMO: 1. The prices for them are almost the same (around 900USD) 2. Both have concert neck so I have enough space for finger picking 3. Pineapple shape gives a fuller sound; same as concert body? Because the concert is factory...
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    Ernest Ka’ai Ukulee Books?

    I’m wondering if there is a published book that has Mr. Ernest Ka’ai’s song tabs.
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    NUD: Martin 0X Bamboo

    Just received this baby for an hour. I am impressed by the quality and sound. The sustain is insane. I can care less it's not all solid wood. The problem I have is that action is a little high, is it possible to shave the saddle? Also, the corner of the nut near the A string is kinda sharp. I...
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    Another Martin Style 2 Soprano Dupe? Besides Ohana Sk-38

    Recently I found some Jazz players using the Flight MUS-2 model. It’s all solid mahogany with the Martin vintage look. I think it virtually identical to sk-38 except for the headstock logo. Also the flight...
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    Cocobolo Ukulele Owners

    I own a super soprano and definitely adore its sound. However, I found my left (fretted) hand gets very painful after playing. It’s not about how callous going to come out; it’s like my finger tips get hit by something hard if that makes sense. Anyone has the same experience? I don’t have this...
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    I messed up... and now it buzzes!

    In previous episode: I know I’m a fool... after I sanded down the nut slot, my E string started to buzz on 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th frets. Open string - no buzzing. Individually pressing down on...
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    Worth Brown Strings

    After hearing so many good reviews here, I purchased not one, but three sets of WB BM strings , because there are postage costs might as well stock up. I’m surprise how much I don’t like them. I have tried them on Ohana mahogany concert, Famous/Kiwaya laminate soprano, KoAloha opio soprano...
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    Make Campanella Sound Like Campanella?

    I really like the Campanella style, partially because I enjoy Celtic music a lot. However, when I practice with the Campanella tabs, my playing sounds like just normal music . I listen to the tutorial audio, the teacher’s sound more like real Celtic tunes. I’m wondering what are some tricks /...
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    Are there significant differences between sk-38 or sk-35?

    Deciding on a solid mahogany soprano. I’m interested in these 2 that Ohana offers. I listened to a lot of comparison videos, but I couldn’t tell the difference. What are your thoughts?
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    FS: KoAloha Opio Acacia Soprano KSO-10

    Selling my KoAloha Opio All Acacia Soprano. Model KSO-10. Purchased from The ukulele site. The ukulele was made in Jan 2019 but I got it October 2019. So it’s a little over half year old. The setup and quality are amazing. The only thing I found is the binding has some small tiny marks. I...
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    Mele Ukulele Cosmetic Issue? Worth keeping?

    I posted a question in the technical support board because I thought my Mele ukulele was having some severe issues. I contacted Mele and they think it’s just cosmetics. This is the second one i received. The first one’s tail was separating from the body, so I did an exchange. The second one had...
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    NUD: Famous FS-5 / Kiwaya KS-5

    Got this babe off eBay. The seller shipped directly from Japan. It came in the original box with no case, only foam fillers inside. First impression: very light, almost feels cheap and like a toy. However I have come to known that lightweight does not equal to bad quality. The gloss is...
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    What’s Wrong with my uke? Soft dent spot on top?

    I just got this ukulele this week but didn’t to get around to play it. Today I found there is a dented spot on the upper right area on the soundboard. It doesn’t feel squishy or anything. I never had any problem with other solid wood ukes. This is the second one I got from them and the first...
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    Hug Strap Anyone?

    I’m considering getting a hug strap, which doesn’t require any buttons. I got several ukes that don’t have buttons, and I think it will be easier to get one hug strap that can be used on all of them, instead of installing buttons. My concern is that the strap will go through the sound hole, it...