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  1. Jan D

    Tired of Waiting for You (the Kinks)

    Another great trip down memory lane. Thanks, John!
  2. Jan D

    Meet Vivienne, a very Grand Tenor by Pat Megowan

    I have a number of friends here in Corvallis who own amazing ukuleles made by Pat, so I’m not surprised to hear how pleased you are with your Vivienne. She is simply stunning!
  3. Jan D

    NUD: Hanson Pineapple Soprano

    I love the look of your new uke, Ed. It’s exactly what I would get if I could afford a custom soprano. Color me green with envy. :)
  4. Jan D

    Lost and Found

    This one is my newest favorite. :) Simply delightful.
  5. Jan D

    In Praise of Cheap Ukes

    I love my $50 Flight Travel Soprano (the TUS-35 model).
  6. Jan D

    Monkey Out Of Me (original)

    [/MEDIA] I’m still on the fence about the monkey, but I love your song, Colin. Great rockabilly/swing vibe!
  7. Jan D

    Interesting Article about Great Store Closing

    Just the thought of visiting a music store that sells over 200 ukuleles sort of blows my mind...
  8. Jan D

    Hey I’m the new gal

    Welcome to the Forum, Danielle. I suspect that if there was a UAS Anonymous group, their goal would not be to meet weekly, but rather to buy another uke weekly. :) During the 15+ years I lived in the Santa Barbara area, I frequently visited San Luis Obispo to visit friends and attend contra...
  9. Jan D

    La Vie en rose

    Terrific arrangement, played with ease and finesse. Well done, Joseph!
  10. Jan D

    Too Many Instruments

    Unless you need to eliminate one of your instruments for financial reasons, I recommend you keep them all. I’ve owned quite a few instruments over the years, and continue to play some of them on either a regular basis (celtic harp, ukulele) or irregular basis (piano, hammered dulcimer and...
  11. Jan D

    Tomato-and-spoon, original ukulele waltz

    A delightful melody, Choan. Quite charming.
  12. Jan D

    She's Rather Be With Me (Turtles)

    Another great oldie, John! Tasteful background vocals too. You make Memory Lane such a wonderful place to visit. :)
  13. Jan D

    Ode to Joy for Cuatro Tuning Ukulele

    Nicely done!
  14. Jan D

    Open Tuning Ukulele Songs

    Nice arrangements, and a great selection of tunes. Thanks for sharing them with us, Ondrej.
  15. Jan D

    That hybrid guitar and ukulele instrument

    Beautiful recording, Peter. Gorgeous instrument, impeccable playing. Thanks for sharing the video with us.
  16. Jan D

    Fountain Pens and Paper

    Buying a fountain pen is like buying a ukulele ... there are an endless number of options, and the look and feel of each one is going to be somewhat different. Only your wife will know which pen looks and feels best for her. I suggest you contact some of the stationery stores in the Bellingham...
  17. Jan D

    Today's Chuckle

    Nickie, I don’t know where you find all of the chuckles that you post on the UU Forum, but I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate them. The ones posted above made me laugh so much that it turned into a major giggle-fest. Which then got my hubby laughing. Thanks, from both of us...
  18. Jan D

    Hi from Bend

    Welcome to the Forum, Frank! As BillM mentioned, Bend has a lively ukulele scene. Definitely worth checking out when their uke activities safely resume. Jan D (up the road from you, in Corvallis)
  19. Jan D

    Deleting messages from Inbox

    EDW says is right. What used to be “deleting a message” is now called ”leaving a conversation.”
  20. Jan D

    Spanish Romance (Jupiter Baritone Ukulele)

    That was lovely, Joseph. Well played!