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  1. Doc_J

    Meet Vivienne, a very Grand Tenor by Pat Megowan

    Meet ‘Vivienne’ built by Pat Megowan in Corvallis, Oregon. This is what I anticipate is my final uke commission. Age and over a decade of trialing different ukes have helped me refine what I like playing. I've had Vivienne a little less than 2 weeks. Pat does not number his ukes but names...
  2. Doc_J

    New Scott Wise Baritone arrival

    Received my new baritone from Scott Wise today. In short, it is wonderful! This is his current standard baritone model of Australian Blackwood with his beautiful rope binding. The uke is gorgeous and well made. The years of experience of the luthier show in the sound and build quality. This...
  3. Doc_J

    Unreal slow delivery service from USPS

    Would you believe a USPS shipped Ukulele has only made it from a Chicago suburb to the Chicago distribution center in 7 days? I doubt that is 50 miles. It was supposed to be delivered to Atlanta in 6 days. Now that the original estimated delivery date is past, the USPS does not even give an...
  4. Doc_J

    Did Kanilea have a sizable price increase?

    Watching some Kanilea ukes at HMS, and noticed one particular Kanilea changed prices from $1375 to $1725, overnight as we crossed from January 2021 to February 2021. Then saw other new Kanilea ukes with increased prices. While Kanilea ukes are worth their price, seems like a big jump in prices...
  5. Doc_J

    Do better ukes tolerate out-of-tune strings better?

    Has anyone else ever noticed that a great sounding uke will still sound pretty great even when a string or two was out of tune ( a little)? And, some other ukes sound terrible if just one string is off just a few cents? Pulled my Kinnard bari out today and played it right away (not doing a...
  6. Doc_J

    Learning to enjoy Kamaka strings, an acquired taste?

    Last month I picked up a new Kamaka HF-4. I was considering to just have the Kamaka strings replaced immediately, as I wasn't a fan of them. But, it's been years since I tried those strings, so decided to give the Kamaka strings a go. Maybe strings are like many things in life, you have to...
  7. Doc_J

    Review of 2020 Kinnard Maple and Sitka Baritone

    Like all great artists, John Kinnard continues to refine his work. I recently received his latest baritone creation. A few pictures are attached. First the obvious, it’s gorgeous. The looks are really clean, simple yet well thought out. Nice composition, simple elegance! I’ve always been...
  8. Doc_J

    WTB Loprinzi Baritone

    Looking for a Loprinzi Baritone. Let me know if you have one to sell. Thanks.
  9. Doc_J

    Watching the auction for Tyde Sinker Redwood Claro Walnut Custom Baritone

    Anybody else watching the auction for the Tyde Sinker Redwood Claro Walnut Custom Baritone? Gorgeous uke. Very cool build story too. Making ukes from wood meant for gun stocks. Auction ends I think tonight or tomorrow. That rose rosette is amazing...
  10. Doc_J

    Douglas Fir as a top wood?

    Recently picked up a Kelali baritone uke with a Douglas Fir top. I have been impressed with the tone, very warm, nice clear trebles, great volume. Sound sample: I'm wondering why we don't see many instruments made with Fir?
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  12. Doc_J

    Kala Brand Clearance

    Hey, just saw that Kala is clearing out some models and accessories, giving some discounts and free shipping. Some of their clearance deals are better than others. Maybe worth a look. I picked up a cedar topped baritone for $159.99 with free shipping. Note: There's no setup like Mim or...
  13. Doc_J

    WTB: Larrivee baritone

    Looking for a Larrivee Baritone. If you have you want to part with send me a PM. Thanks. Found one at Guitar48 ! Thanks everyone !
  14. Doc_J

    Are you waiting on any special ukes? What and When?

    Are you waiting for a special / custom uke? If so, what and how long have you been waiting? There are 2 ukes I’m waiting to see. I’m in a queue for a wonderful grand tenor (19” scale) from Pat Megowan. I knew it was going to be a long wait and was told so before I sent my deposit in April...
  15. Doc_J

    What different size ukes do you own and play in 2020?

    Poll : What different size ukes do you own and play in 2020? Somehow my poll did not get added to my original post.
  16. Doc_J

    What different size ukes do you own and play in 2020?

    What different size ukes do you own and play in 2020? Check all the sizes that you currently play in 2020. I’m not asking your favorite, but just what all sizes do you really play. I’m listing the big four sizes: soprano, concert, tenor, baritone. Really, there’s a continuum of sizes. If you...
  17. Doc_J

    NUD: Pineapple Baritone with a big sound

    Earlier this week I got something I had been looking to find for a while, a Pineapple Baritone Uke! Double bonus it was made by Gary Creed. Had one of Gary's baritones before that was awesome, but sold it in downsizing purge last year. Well, after seeing a post on FB from Creedy,s Workshop I...
  18. Doc_J

    Buying the same model or uke twice, mistake corrected

    Just got my 2nd Cali walnut baritone by Mike Pereira. It’s even more awesome than the first one I have. About 6 months ago I sold the first one, in an attempt to reduce my number of baritones. It’s hard to remember exactly why I decided that particular baritone could be sold. Time passed I...
  19. Doc_J

    Robbie O'Brien has 10% off (until 12/25) his online building courses

    Robbie O'Brien has 10% off (until 12/25) his online building courses including "Advanced Ukulele Building with Jay Lichty"
  20. Doc_J

    Got to play my uke through a Pro custom tube amp....wonderful sound

    I never though much about amps, as I usually just play acoustically, unamplified. Well, got an opportunity today to play my Pono chambered, passive pickup baritone through a pro custom 20W tube guitar amp. Man, that sounded great. Since I only have played it through my Yamaha THR5A or a $20...