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    FOUND!—-WTB Ameritage silver tenor case

    Anybody have one in good shape for sale? Thanks! Greg
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    My $500 eBay vintage Martin, and my first video

    So a while back I posted about a 40s-50s Martin tenor I bought from eBay, and discussed how I saw a moose pattern in the grain: So now I finally got it restored and I posted my first video: Let me know what you think
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    Crazy, but does anyone else see an image in their grain pattern?

    So, I'm looking at the 70-year-old mahogany on the Martin tenor I'm restoring and thinking it looks good enough to spoon up and eat. I put the lower bout into the direct sunlight coming in the window and noticed it made the grain really pop. I took a few pics, and as I was checking them out I...
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    I've officially lost control, now. I'm a noob, but UAS is real.

    As a lifelong guitar player, I've managed to amass only four (ok, ten) guitars over that entire time. However, after picking up a cheap ukulele that my daughter bought eight months ago, I find that I've already bought five. Yes, I've bought five ukuleles in eight months. At this rate, in two...